Portland Grange - Canal - 9th June 2019 - Anvil fishing Club


Feb 11, 2019
Match 5 is now in the past and it proved to be a difficult day, at least this time though the weather held out.

with everyone fishing long it wasn't an easy match but the weights were ok still

Terry Hill won fishing long and shallow, total results :

1st : Terry Hill : 95lb 14oz
2nd : Barry Dent : 83lb 12oz (Section win by default)
3rd : Dean Revill : 82lb 1oz (Section win)
4th : Darren Hill : 62lb 13oz
5th : Darren Curtis : 35lb 12oz
6th : Simon Langton : 34lb 8oz
7th : Danny Petney : 25lb 2oz
8th : Matt Hix : 16lb 14oz
9th : Ian Birkett : 10lb 11oz
10th : Mick Clifton : 4lb 1oz