Pole upgrade/butt section length(Maver 800 pro etc)


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Apr 26, 2021
I am about to upgrade from my MVR competition pole. Only i have an issue that limits my choices somewhat. My car is small and i only just cram my current pole(butt sections about 175cm i think) into the tubes that sit in my daiwa air holdall(185cm). When i say only just- i also bought a rod holdall that is 5 cm longer than my other one, so 190cm and i actually cannot get it into the car so no good.I wanted to buy the maver 821 but i can see from a video that the butt sections are considerably longer than the MVR competition therefore its out. I'm now thinking of getting the 800 pro as ive also heard good things about it but can anyone confirm that the butt sections are short like the MVR competition? I know a few of you have got the 800 i think.
Also, any other high end options for poles without long butt sections in similar price bracket, was considering garbo uk2/3 but not sure about section length again, Daiwa's are too long im guessing.