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Jun 20, 2002
Hi all!
As an angler of 40 odd years using rod and line I thought I'd try one of those long stick things,
poles I believe they're called.

well after many confusing days of searching out the right one, I now come to working on the pole rigs.
I've used a 4Mtr whip hand to line so I've built rigs before, however it seems rigs for use with 11Mtr poles and above are a different kettle of fish.
During a recent televised interview with Alan Scotthorne he builds his by cocking the float using shot, then forming a loop at one end, and winding on, with appx. 5Mtrs of line, to a pole wider. No hook, which now leads me to ask how do you guys build your rigs, if you do, or do you buy ready made ones?
Any tips, advice, all greatfully read and accepted

aka thepilgrim


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Dec 7, 2001
hiya steve, i allways make mine using a big bucket, add a drop of washing up liquid to the water (surface tension)
i allways use bulk shot so that i can alter shotting patern to suit on the bank.
make up two rigs the same so if one breaks ya have another ready.
i normally put a hooklength and hook on one of the rigs but leave the other, again so that i have the option to alter h/l or hook size on the bank.
line length/depth depends on the venue, if i have no idea as to depth of a water then i use 4 mtrs of line and alter on bank accordingly.

as for ready made rigs, i have bought some in the past, i have used the daiwa ones, they are ok but quite expensive compared to making you own.
hope this helps a bit.

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Mar 9, 2002

I have been fishing for about 12 months and started by buying ready made rigs - bad news apart from a few they are frequently badly made with poor knots and shotting. Drennan seam about the best but are also very expensive.

I make my own using quality floats and Drennan Team England line. I use the techniques described in Bob Nudds Pole fishing book which I have found a good start point.

For shotting, apart from the baulk shot I use the styles as when your eye sight is failing they are much easier to use - but you must use the style pliers.

I use a matchman hook tier for my hooks and it is easy to use once you get the knack. As I fish mainly carp waters I use predominently .17mm line with .14mm hook length, but I do not necessarily think a seperate hook length is needed.

When making up youer rigs it is adviseable to have at least two of each made up. If you then get broken / tangled / float damage you can re rig with exactly the same set up.

Hope this has helped


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners

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