Pole hold-all

Yosemite Sam

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Nov 12, 2015
I’m possibly after a new Pole hold all. I have a Browning Z16 pole and the sections are very long. The Xitan hold all is ok , but the zips are now going and the stitching is not great. I like the idea of a extra pocket or two that can take landing net handles and the square butt sections. I thought about a Guru hard case, but you cannot get them and they are not long enough for Browning poles.
I have emailed Browning to see if they are likely to release a hard case anytime soon, as I think they are missing a trick here, but no answer back as yet, buts it’s been a week.

I already have Preston rod hardcases, and Browning carryall , so don’t want to look like a complete clown with every colour gear under the sun, but will buy the right one if it’s good quality and meets my needs.

Any ideas