Pole elastic to bush clearance


Jan 18, 2018
So, my return to angling after 25 years away continues and I have been having some fun on the local rivers again, with the 'old' tackle. Now I intend to bring my antique pole (10m Tricast Challenger) out onto the rivers just to see, so to speak. Originally, this was elasticated by way of small rod rings on the No. 1 section, but as I have a spare No.1, I want to elasticate it internally. I intend to use Middy Hi-Viz solid elatic in 6-8 and want to use as small a bush as possible, possibly the Drennan 'Bull Nose' external bush so as not cut down the No. 1 section too much.

I have searched high and low for information relating to minimum clearance between the elastic and the internal bore of the bush, but apart from a line in Bob Nudds Pole School write up, I have found nothing. He talked of a neat fit, snug but not sticking and mentioned using a 1.27mm internal bore for a No. 5 elastic, however if you look at the Drennan chart, this seems a little off. For example, the chart indicates that for an elastic size of 6 and 8, a No. 4 bush should be used, whereas I would have thought that a No. 2 or 3 would be correct.

My choice of elastic is quoted as being 1.0mm diameter and the No. 2 Drennan Bull Nose bush has an internal bore of 1.4mm, while the No. 3 is 1.7mm. Would I be ok with either of these?


Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
First, you may find the elastic works better in a topkit that is cut back further. It can be a disadvantage therefore to keep the No.1 as long as possible. The more it bends the more elastic is rubbing on the inside of the pole when playing a fish. Trial and error is the best way to establish if your No.1 is too long.

As for clearance, I must admit I don't really bother worrying about that. As long as the elastic flows smoothly from the initial hook-up then I'm happy. Just cut back to fit a bush that has a large enough bore for the heaviest elastic you are likely to use. Remembering that hollows tend to be thicker than solids for the same rating. I just matched elastic to bush in the shop then fitted the bush. Don't stress making it complicated and technical, enjoy the fishing.