pole choice!?


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May 26, 2019
morning all, been looking at the possibility of giving pole fishing a bash.
im normally fishing a feeder rod but just fancy giving pole fishing a go.
ive seen two poles that have got my attention, both margin poles.
one is the maver reality 9.5m and the others the drennan red range margin carp 8m pole.
the drennan comes with 2 top kits and a few other bits and bobs,
the maver, although cheaper, is just the pole. and telescopic top kits i believe.
maver - £65.
drennan - £99.
now, i fish mainly small club waters, plenty of carp in them to 20+ lb.
id like to target silvers as much as the carp, so im leaning towards the drennan with the two top kits, but is that extra length of the maver a big plus or not?
from what i can work out, if i bought the maver and a spare top kit and other bits n bobs it would probably weigh in at around the same price as the drennan.
any thoughts/advice?


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Dec 27, 2017
It’s 6 of one and half dozen of the other !!!!!!
The general advice is to buy as long a pole as you can afford....... the theory being you don’t have to use it at full length but you’ve got the extra length if required....... also if you get into pole fishing you will end up wanting a longer pole so it saves you buying twice.
But other sound advice is to get as bigger package as possible for your money....... extra top kits cupping kits even elastic and Holdall thrown in ........ simply because you will probably end up buying extra top kits and cupping kits etc which pound for pound costs more than you expect.

So consider as many options as possible go and look at some have a waggle with a few and ask the lads you fish with what they use and think about them.

Me personally would go Maver and extra length ?

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
I have had, for a few years, the Maver Abyss X 9.5m pole that was the predecessor of the Reality. I have handled a Reality and it does not feel much different to the Abyss. I can thoroughly recommend the pole (Abyss and I assume Reality) though I am in no doubt that Drennan would not market something equally as good.

There is no doubt that at full length or one section short strike time is slowed slightly by the weight, it is a £70 pole after all. But it is relatively straight at full length.

For extra topkits I would take a punt on the Oakwood ones on eBay for under £20. The No.4 male end of the Abyss seems fairly universal as I have cut back Avanti kits and others to fit and the kits from my old FAPS Vulcan fit perfectly. You may need to cut the Oakwood ones.


Finally I have to recommend any pole novice have a read of my guide here



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May 26, 2019
thanks for the replies gents, all useful information.
i'm just reading through your guide Neil, its great to read all the right information in one place, i'll bookmark it so i can refer to it again, thank you.
and thanks for the ebay link, seems good value and worth a go.
think im sold on the maver, now just need to decide on type and strength of elastic :D