Poch v Levy


'Any indications?
Aug 2, 2012
Poch played his trump card in a press conference the other day, essentially a point being made that transfers in or out are nothing to do with him, with the usual spend some money please Daniel intertwined. Can't help feeling that Poch has a point, it does seem that Spurs are allowing talent to leave at a rate that suggests they are still a selling club, not sure it is sustainable in the pursuit of Spurs establishing themselves as realistic trophy contenders. The Audi cup aside of course that was good to see.

Lee Richards

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Feb 19, 2019
Yeah bet you would Simon :) but after watching the Audi tournament,the way Spurs performed and Poch interacting with the Bayern/Real players I think he will be the next Real manager. United as it stands now would not be a good choice for him as who knows what the transfer funds are available,wish he went there though as he could build a great side.