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May 30, 2002
I have had this PM sent to me this morning from our newly re-instated friend, Chub. None of my posts have been editted or deleted, so you can see for yourselves if I've been harassing him. It's the 2nd one he has sent me, this is the response to one I sent him back yesterday, which although contained bad language, was carefuly thought out so it contained no threats or harassment.

I have taken it on advice to post the message into The Forums.

The original messages have been kept and also forwarded onto the Mods.

The subject of the PM was You not a nice chap.

beebs will you get off my case so i am a racist big deal i suppose you are a ethnic minority lover and a memer of the anl ?
if you keep harassing me i might be forced to pass your picture onto the bnp for inclusion on the redwatch site .

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Aug 8, 2001
Okay first and foremost,

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