Plugging on the Mole again.


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Aug 6, 2011
Had another little plugging session up and down the river yesterday morning. Third cast landed the plug just underneath an overhanging bush. Just started the retrieve and a cracking great Chub rose up to take it, then it all went slack. Buggah! But no, the fish was on but just swam along quietly whilst I reeled him in - until he was quite close then he woke up. All hell broke loose as he thrashed about and then was off. I reckon that he was a good five pounds. And so I carried on. A jack of about a pound, another lost Chub, a nice Pike,a really small Chub - probably about four ounces (greedy little sod) and finally a perch of about twelve ounces.

Oh, a broken reel and two lost plugs.


brian carragher

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Jan 6, 2007
Cant beat it, one of my favourite ways to fish, i wear chesties and get in with a wading stick, you get a different aspect to the river and fish holding spots

Even during this warm weather spell you can still get the hat trick of perch, chub and pike, good luck with your plugging

I've been catching some very good chub on a Sebile Koolie Minnow, worth having a couple in your armoury and the good old Big S in the perch pattern always seems to throw a good perch and decent pike into the mix