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Feb 15, 2001
Hi everyone,

We've started a new section for 'Tackle Reviews' where you can post a review on a fishing related item.
Like it or Dislike it? Then write an honest review and tell all.

Suppliers & Manufacturers:

If you've got an item that you feel is good enough for an honest review, then contact us and we'll put it to the test.

Please Note:

All reviews and opinions are that of the poster. Individual likes or dislikes does not imply that we agree or disagree nor do we take any responsibility for the accuracy or content of the information posted.
(All posts are fully moderated just in case though [;)])

If you are a supplier/manufacturer or have links with a company that has a product that has been reviewed and you wish that review to be removed please contact us and we will oblige:
Not open for further replies.