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Sep 18, 2001
Please read before posting
This part of the forum is as it says for TACKLE REVIEWS. As the name implies it's for those that have brought and used specific items of tackle, or in some cases have helped in their development and wish to pass onto others their thoughts and experiences (both good and bad) of owning and using that tackle.

It is NOT a place for rumour or conjecture such as "I've had a look at it", "had a quick play with one in a tackle shop" , "my mate says blah blah blah about it" or even "it's a (insert brand name here) it must be !****!" type of comments. If you haven't owned it or used it you really don't have the experience to comment on it, so don't bother. :(

On a more constructive note, why not sit down and write your own review of an Item of tackle you actually use and own?
It will be more helpful to others that are maybe looking to purchase that item themselves, if you mention things that you might like to see different/modified due to your experience of using it, or indeed any modifications that you've made to it while actually owning it, because regardless of what some might think, there is no such thing as the perfect item of tackle, there is always room for improvement, even if it's just in small details. ;)

PLEASE NOTE: All posts in the Tackle Reviews section require moderator approval. This is to prevent malicious posts being made to damage a companies product or reputation.
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