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Jul 4, 2006

First up, sorry for duplicating this post from the clubhouse, but I thought that it may get missed in there.

I'm a mature student at Manchester university, and involved with Student Action Manchester which is part of the Students Union. This organization provides volunteering opportunities for students as a way to enable them to give something back to the local community. These projects include providing a support services for the homeless in the city centre for five nights a week, organizing social activities for the elderly, working alongside adults and young teens with learning disabilities (such as a weekly youth club for young adults with learning disabilities that I co-manage) and organising after school children from Homeless and Womens Refuges.For more information on all our projects please follow link

Student Action has been lucky enough to be nominated alongside four other charities for a Creme Of Nature Community Award. For more information about this Award,

The charity with the highest number of email votes will be awarded 10,000. If we were successful in gaining the most amount of votes this money would be used to help fund our established Projects, whilst the rest of the money will be used to enable Students to establish completely new volunteering projects which would benefit the local community and people of Manchester!
We need as many people to vote for Student Action from 1st May to the 31st May on the website. Here is the Link:

Having voted, you will then need to confirm your vote by clicking on the link in the email they send you (Sometimes it goes to your junk box.)
If we were lucky enough to win this money the total sum would be used for the benefit of all the Manchester Residents, so we are really hoping to encourage a mass vote from all sections of the community to support our bid.

Thanks in advance for your time on this issue, (and feel free to send the links on to anybody and everybody you know[:p]).


P.S. I have Dave's approval to post this message.
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