Pittlands club match .


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Apr 21, 2018
With the alarm going nuts at six o'clock it was the start of the first match of our clubs new season.
A bowl of cereal and a cuppa soon had me awake enough to check I had everything on board the new to me battle bus.
Arriving at the car park it was full of the usual suspects and a couple of new ones .
The draw saw me on permanent peg 3 which is the area I was hoping for .
Not only a good swim but the cafe was only twenty yards away .
Tackling up it was a small hybrid feeder and a couple of top kits , one with a very light elastic the other much stronger in the hope of snaring a carp or two if they wanted to come and play.
It is a tricky bottom in this lake as a 2+2 line wasn't really feasible as the it kept sloping away. I eventually found the bottom of the shelf with a top kit plus three sections , thirteen metres saw about another six inches in depth making it around seven foot as opposed to the six and a half closer in .
Bait today was maggot caster worm corn and soft hookers ,and a couple of slices of buppy .
The air horn sounded for the start so out went twenty feeders into the water. I was resting the butt of the rod on my knee and within three minutes the worm hookbait was taken ,and just like last time I fished here it was a lump . I only just caught my rod as the take was savage.
And just like last time the bloody hook pulled.
I tried for another hour but not a twitch .
So it was out on the near line to hopefully plunder a few skimmers and roach.
Bites were forthcoming but I couldn't hit a single one of them .an quick adjustment with my shorting to a more gentle fall through the water didn't help I was missing everything . Very frustrating.
It seemed like they were just not really interested .
I was feeding through a toss pot and it was with micros and dead maggot with either a small expander on the hook or maggot .
Eventually the culprits were being hooked and it was little three ounce skimbobs. It wasn't reall working so I fed a cup full of deads and micros , the effect was immediate and I hooke a good skimmer of a couple of pound.
Things looked up but I was now bumping fish , so it was a hooklength change to a size larger ,now going in with a sixteen .
It wasn't frantic but I was putting together a few fish , more than anyone else. But it's not the silvers that will win the day , a look on the long line produced nothing and again on the feeder .
The odd carp was being caught but not for me .
I was having to ring the changes with feed and hookbait to keep a few coming alternating with maggot caster and expanders on the hook and feeding with a pole cup rather than the toss pot .
A dead spell came along and I couldn't get a bite. Aha methinks maybe they have moved out just off the feed. So an extra section went on ,as I looked for my float I just saw it disappear and lifted into what I thought was going to be another roach or skimmer.
Nooooo it shot off like a bloody torpedo. Four elastic isn't going to stop this methinks and after a long drawn out battle I was proved right as the hook pulled s the elastic bottomed out for about the fifth time during the fight .
It buggered the swim for about an hour and all to soon the end of the match was sounded.
As said it was carp that would win the day and so it proved , with the top five weights all being carp .
It fished hard as it was only 20lb that won 18second and 17 third two weights only an Oz apart were in the eleven pound area and I weighed in with an all silver catch of ten eight .
There were aot of weights around the three four pound mark .
It fished harder than everyone thought it would.
Roll on the next one .


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Feb 25, 2016
@ATTICUS FINCH ......Decent silvers weight Bill....;)(y).....You had your chances to win it, especially from that peg....But!......:love:;)


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Mar 10, 2005
If you were on lake C, a 34lb cat came out last week, I've had a small one about 4lb out so they are in there