Piking over x-mas! Weather finally looks somewhat promising.


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May 30, 2019
Hopefully plan to get out a couple days over the 26th-29th, really hoping the Trent drops down enough at least one or two of those days so i can fish there or on Ully Gully.

Pretty much completed my pike setup now after investing in a cheap Nash KNX 2 rod pod and a couple of those Fox drop off indicators. Also been tying some more traces this time with pop-up balls to get the bait up off the bottom and a bit more visible.

Wanted to get some lamprey sections but everywhere seems to be out of stock at the moment :(


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Aug 17, 2007
Well I just managed my first fish on the bank since October 22nd, through a combination of not getting out much due to rubbish weather/floods/knackering my back, and blanking on the few occasions I did. Nothing exciting in a jack of about 5lb, but had 2 other runs as well, and it suddenly seems like I might actually be able to catch again. Wahoo!!!!!!!!