Piking New Years Eve

brian carragher

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Jan 6, 2007
I hardly drink at all these days and was on Taxi duty for the evening running parents out for the night time knees up so made the most of the day and had an early start for a day on the river
Cold cold start on the morning, had to defrost the car, showing half a degree under when the windscreen defrosted and set off but that didnt last long, within a couple of hundred yards it was showing minus 2 and stayed that way all the way to the riverside
Everywhere was white and very cold, proper frosty start and typical piking weather, big plus was the river had been settled for a while and that horrible flood colour had dropped out
On the bankside for first light and liked what I saw, mist was coming off the water and although there was a strongish push to the river it was definately fishable

Baits had been prepared the night before, trebles already mounted so its baits clipped on and away

First one away was on a mackeral mounted on size 6's , no screaming run, just a couple of pulls on the tip and a couple of beeps on the alarm, thought this could be a decent fish as it didnt tear off like a jack usually does, sometimes the better fish settle on the bait and mouth it a bit before they take off
Rod out of the rests and braidd in fingers feeling for the fish on the end and you can feel the fish picking up and dropping the bait, rod in right hand and slack braid pulled through the eyes with the left hand you can feel everything thats going on

Its away and a quick strike gives first fish of the day on, good scrap, fish full of it and a bit of flow ,this is why we do it

DSCN0766 (4).JPG

A real nice looking fish at 15lb 10oz, good start, baits already prepared so unclip and clip up a new bait and cast back in again

Hardly got this one sorted when I got another look in, this time I'm fishing the far bank and the rod went, couple of sharp taps on the rod and its away big style

Didnt feel heavy but then about half way across it woke up and got angry, another good fish on and another dodgy landing position among the tree roots to net the second one, the banks on the river are steep and good netting points are few and far between so the extra length of the Gardner net handle is a real bonus
This one a touch heavier

DSCN0768 (4).JPG

Nice markings but it surprised me being a touch heavier as the first one looked the better of the two, was able to compare like for like as I had the pair of them in a pike tube resting up after a hard fight before pics and weighing

Went dead till dinnertime when I got interest in my biggest deadbait of the day thought I might be in for a real biggie given the size of the bait but when I struck it didnt feel heavy, just a jack wanting to grow up fast, eyes bigger than its belly literally, massive bait, little pike

DSCN0772 (4).JPG

It only weighed 5lb 7oz and its about the same size as the one @duuzid caught so I weighed it and you can use it as a reference against the one you had out the other day

Thought I might have had a fourth but it wasnt to be, sat it out till daylight wen hoping for another but it wasnt to be, three fish for the day so all in all not too shabby, be doing it all again in a day or two, just hope its not as cold all day long next time, that was bone chilling


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Dec 26, 2015
The last fish is beautifully marked. It’s fins are amazing. All 3 are so differently marked. Gorgeous fish, and a great day. Well done.


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Oct 28, 2011
Three great fish there mate, cracking job! My piking season so far has been a total wash out, literally. Not had a fish all season the waters have been that bad. Jealous? Me? No, not at all, no, really, not at all...

Great job mate, well done!


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Aug 17, 2007
Mine hasn't been great - 8 fish in 11 sessions. It does seem to be tough for a lot of people this year.

Captain Pugwash

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Jul 9, 2017
Nice one Brian three welcome Esox there, I ended a 5 session blanking spree on Monday with a canal jack 5lb and a Trent 9.75lb.