PIKE NEWBIE - Hollingworth Lake - Rochdale


Oct 3, 2020
Hiya guy.

I'm new to this forum and I'm just after a little bit of inside information, in regards to fishing Hollingworth Lake for Pike.
I live directly facing the lake, so I overlook it everyday. It's been a while since I've been fishing, but after some extensive research and buying myself a new Pike outfit, I've reignited the flame for the sport again. Why I left it so long is beyond me.
Anyway, enough of me rambling on. I'm wondering if any members on here can give me a little bit of advice please.
I've bought myself the new Diawa Prorex X, 7ft, 7-32g rod. And to match, I've also gone and purchased the Diawa Prorex VLT 4000 reel. I have loaded the spool up with 20lb dark green J Braid from Diawa, and I've bought myself a nice range of soft baits, spinners, shads etc. I have a variety of weights, weighted hooks, weedless hooks, titanuim wire trace to make my own stingers, 4D soft baits, corkscrews, stinger spike, and so on. Basically, I've coved myself for all Pike spinning eventuallities. Well I think I have anyway.
I'm already casting little doubt as to think my mainline braid might be too light, along with 20lb Drennan 7 wire trace. I don't mind stepping up the weight if you guys think that I should. I wanted to be as light as possible, but not to the extreme of drop shotting or Ultra Light Fishing (something I plan on doing when I have the cash to set up a new rod). I'm hoping the light-ish tackle will bring lots of fun, without any issues. What do you think?
I'm looking at spending as much time fishing Hollingworth Lake and getting to know the water, as well as brush up on my Lure Fishing skills. I'm sort of going out blind, but when I look at the quality of these baits nowadays, I think, how can Pike turn their noses up at these beauties.
I know the Lake pretty well in terms of the layout, and through past experiences, I understand the nature reserve end of the lake tends to be a hot spot. I've also been told that there's an area, known to locals as Pike Bay. That area is to the right far hand side of the lake. I've seen Pike activity to the far right corner of The Beach Pub. There seems to be quite alot of weeds in certain areas, but with the right bait and rig, I think I can overcome any snags.
I plan on getting out when my gear arrives in 4 days time. I have an idea how I want to attack it first. I'm going to pack my gear up as light as possible, and fish from the right of The Beach Pub. Only because I've seen Pike activity and it's only a stones throw from my house. I do however, plan on checking out the other swims over the next few outings.
I was thinking of fishing the 4D, 9.5cm Savage Gear, Roach, with a 7 or 14 gram jig head. I'll be using a 2 treble stinger, with a stinger spike for that extra presentation. I'll switch up if I'm having no look.
If you think I should be doing anything different, please let me know.
What weight do Pike get up to in there?
Are there any other decent predator waters near to me? Day/membership

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope I get some great knowledge back.
I'll keep you updated on my progress.




Oct 3, 2020
Ogden Res in Newhey has a good head of pike. Dayticket too
I know Ogden Res pretty well. It's pretty bleak up there. I quite like the more secluded areas to fish. I find it's too open at Ogden Res.
I'll definitely consider it though.
I really appreciate your advice :)


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Aug 28, 2006
I fished H lake a bit when I was a student in Manchester. We had fish on deadbaits to mid doubles.

in terms of tackle that braid is a bit too light. You want at least 30lb for light lures and 50lb for heavier ones - But you’ll need a heavier rod for that job.

I’d keep moving and adjust the lure to the depths and the range you want to fish. Medium sized rubber jigs (say 4” ish) would be my first choice of lure.

then I would source some smallish spoons (Abu Atom in gold or copper is an old favourite of mine) about 20-25 grams as they cast miles and you can bounce them along the bottom in whatever depth you find.

in the weedy areas you obviously need a lure you can fish reasonably slowly without catching the weed every cast. Spoons/spinners or float/diving plugs would be good options.

There are a few specialist lure anglers on here - so hopefully you will get some more advice.