Pike -Advice to Newbie - Savage Gear 3D 4g Roach Swim N Jerk soft bait


Oct 3, 2020
Hiya guys

I am after a little bit of advice please. I'm new to Pike fishing (please check out my first post in regard to my setup PIKE NEWBIE - Hollingworth Lake - Rochdale ).
I decide to to purchase an assortment of different soft baits, lures etc. However, I bought the the Savage Gear 3D 4g Roach Swim N Jerk soft bait, not realising how small these things are, especcially with my setup. Diawa Prorex X, 7ft, 7-32g rod. And to match, I've also gone and purchased the Diawa Prorex VLT 4000 reel.
I couldn't find any information out in relation to fishing with these baits, well unless I had lighter tackle. I took a little gamble and decided to buy some size 6 weedless hooks. I'm hoping to add up to 3 gram of tungsten hook weights to my hook to match to the size of the bait weight of my rod, fishing with 20lb trace and 20lb J braid. As stated in my first post (see link), I'm a little unsure if this is the correct lb line/trace. It's going to be a learning curve, so I suppose I won't know if I dont try it. Or if I'm told otherwise.
Any other suggestions how I can rig these soft baits up? Im hoping 7 grams is enough for the bait to sink, if I decide to fish on the bottom or slightly off the bottom, with the hook point on the fin of the soft bait, to allow the bait to be free of any snags. And I'm also hoping it'd fish well in high up in the water, with a faster reeling pace.
I do have a number of other soft baits that are heavier, but seeing as though I have already purchased the Soft baits, I may as well try to incorperate them if they're just sitting in my tackle box.
I was thinking I might try the small soft baits, fishing with say 10lb braid on a new spool, with a 10lb fluorocarbon trace, and see if I can get any of the bigger size Perch in my local lake. Do you think my rod will be too heavy to do this? I understand it'd be to heavy to fish the drop shot method with e.g a soft worm/shad.
Do you think my rod is too heavy to fish for Perch doing this? I'm not sure if I'd feel the bites or not.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you require more information on regards to the tackle or venue etc.
(I've added a few shots of Hollingworth Lake, Rochdale, where I'll be fishing).




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