Pensioner finds 'baby shark' on doorstep

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Aug 8, 2001
Just got this:

Pensioner finds 'baby shark' on doorstep

A pensioner woke to find what experts think was a living member of the shark family on her doorstep.

Rita Lenagan from Gloucester heard a noise at her front door at 1.30am and thought it was her cat.

She looked out and saw what looked like a baby shark. She says it gave her the creeps so she went to bed.

When she checked again five hours later, the fish was still there and alive. It died shortly later.

An Environment Agency spokesman says it looks like a dogfish, which is a member of the shark family. No-one can explain how it got there.

Agency spokesman Andy Taylor said: "It could have been a fish being used for an aquarium which somehow went astray."

Local fishing expert Nigel Mott told The Citizen"If it is a member of the shark family, it's absolutely extraordinary. I can't think how on earth anything from the shark family would end up on a doorstep in Gloucester - unless someone put it there as some kind of a prank."

Rita said: "I just wonder how it got there. I don't live anywhere near a river and my cat didn't bring it in. Maybe a bird dropped it on my doorstep, who knows? I live in Kingsholm and there's a stream running nearby. Maybe that's where it came from."

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