Pellets again


Sep 3, 2020
I always use a Preston pellet wetter
Soak for 2 minutes if two wet had a bit of ground bait


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Apr 7, 2021
I posted a question on here a while ago about pellets for the method feeder and had some good advice given to me which I followed with good results. I now want a bit more advice from you please.

2 days ago I went fishing with the intention of using the method feeder on pellets soaked and softened to be used in the mould and maggot as hook bait. As soon as I got to the venue and my peg I put the pellets in a clean bait box and covered them with water, put the bait box lid on and put it upside down on the ground whilst I set everything up in my peg, chair, landing net rods etc.

I then put bait on my hook and the mould was done, feeder in to it and the pellets even though soft didn't stick to the feeder at all, but sort of came away in the mould not on the feeder at all, but stuck like snot to a cinder on my hands. I left it for a few minutes longer and tried again but just the same result.

The pellets are Sonubaits so a good brand I would think, sticky pellets I think they are called, any. help please. I've got 5 bags of them so don't want to waste them really, I think that they were 6m/m if I remember rightly that I tried.
Hi Phil,
I would suggest that 6mm pellets are to big for the pellet mould, I would suggest 2mm pellets or sonubaits chocolate orange, scopex as these really do work, I use a net bag from Aldi and soak for 30 seconds. Hope this helps, use your remaining bags as loose fed over the top. Tight lines bud.


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May 15, 2020
The other thing that might help is to switch to a hybrid style feeder…slight less feed but the sides protect the pellets more on the cast and it is not as important to get the pellets absolutely right.


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May 31, 2019
SoSimple RTGs are brilliant pellets for the method. @chefster put me onto them. They stick together well but break apart quickly on the bottom. RTG pellets are great because you don’t add water, just tip them out of the bag into a tub and they are ready. I have had a lot of success on the Baninion ones.