pellet fishing

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Jul 21, 2004
Good evening all.

I have recently returned to the bankside after a seven year absence.
I know nothing about pellet fishing. I have been reading thru the archives. and have picked up some good tips thanks for that.

however, many people seem to say they only use PELLETS for feed not on the hook. in that case. waht are you using on the hook when ur feeding with pellets? and can anyone recommend pellets that dont need to be pumped / soaked. I bought a bag last week from my local tacke shop thinking it might be good for looses feed and lauging as i saw them floating across the lake. it said noting on the bag about having to prepare them. LLOL.

I am dragging the wife to wylands near battle next week with a good head of small to medium carp. any resommendation for me chaps? I would love to lrearn another technique other than using maggots !

thanks in advance

Not open for further replies.