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Aug 8, 2001
PC Pitstop Full Tests

An on-line health check for your PC.
Okay it's Friday Night, you're not going out and you've some time to kill, give your PC an overhaul on-line.
PC knowledge required is minimal and help is provided at every corner.

They say:

"Just park your PC in one of our bays and grab a cup of coffee. Our automated mechanics will put your PC safely through a battery of tests to check its health, configuration and performance. In many cases, if our testing detects a problem you can direct our mechanics to fix it while you're online.

The diagnostics take between one and five minutes depending upon your system and modem speed. You'll be informed along the way on the status of our testing, and at the end you'll get a 'clickable' report on your PC's health and performance. "

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