Paste fishing

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Jun 3, 2010
I was fishing park hall in Mansfield woodhouse on Friday I've never used paste but he was trying it out but he just keep loosing the paste and didn't catch anything on it.

Can you give me any tips so I can give it a. Whirl.

What float do I need? Hooks? Any tackle I need just tell me

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
Size 14 hook minimum. To gain confidence you may want to try tying a bait band into a hair on the hook to give the paste something extra to grip.

Use a pole cup placed on the pole so that the rig is stretched out along the pole, but not tight, when the paste is in the cup. Fish 1 extra section on the pole so that you can tip the paste out and then draw the float back over where the paste went in. Don't move the float after it has settled. Use a lighter float than you might with other baits. You don't want the shot falling through the water faster than the paste and pulling the hook out on the way down. Put the bulk shot at half depth to aid this.

Ignore all the little dips etc. and only strike (lift gently) when the float not only goes under but you can't see it underwater.


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Aug 18, 2008
I've just switched tactics when it comes to paste fishing and it has improved my catch rate 10 fold (after following some tips from Mick Wilkinson).....

Use the lightest float you can get away with and have the shot all grouped nearer the hook (I use very small 0.2g DIL floats from BGT most of the time, if conditions allow). I used to fish dead depth, but now it's a floats length overdepth with a size 10 Maver mt4 hook. Now I hardly ever miss bites and 50% of the time the fish hook themselves (all in the lip and no foul hookers) leading to some pretty savge takes!

Maybe while you are getting used to paste it might be worth using paste springs or fox paste stops (or bait bands as Neil suggests).

Stick with it, because paste can be a devastating bait when nothing else is working :)
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