Partridge Lakes

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Jul 8, 2008
Hi all,
Managed to grab a few hours on Willow lake last night.

I fished peg 17,fished in the middle at the start,feeding micro pellet and fishing soft hookable pellet on the hook,started ok with a small common and a couple of skimmers.

The swim was fizzing with fish but getting positive baits was really tough,i tried laying on by a foot,just touching bottom but couldnt get any sail away bites,eventually i managed to hook a decent mirror of about 8lb which felt like a big bream till it realised it had a size 18 hook in its mouth and fought like crazy!

After hooking the carp decided to trying fishing right over on the far bank poking about the edge to see if i could tempt any of the decent chub that i was getting there last year,but i didnt get any,just small carp and roach on ripped bits of meat,took a few prawns with me and gave them ago towards the end of the session and the carp really switched on to them getting sail aways everytime resulting in a few more small commons and mirrors,i did lose a heavy lump right at the end as it made a strong run under the bank.

All in all a good session with plenty of bites at the end a decent angler would have had a bag full!![:D]

Not open for further replies.