Pain Medication.


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Jan 30, 2007
[:)] I have been on tramadol morphine sulphate and fentanyl for nearly 18 years now,Dr's have said it is a wonder that I can function at all,one Dr did say that the amount of fentanyl I am on just a fraction of it would kill another person,but I do have a medicine review every 12 months,but I can tell when my medication is due because the pain level starts to increase before it is time for me to take the next dose,and unless I can keep on top of the pain level then I serious trouble,they did say that the amount of medication I take I would have to be in hospital before they could give me anything else or more,they did send me to a couple of acute pain clinics, but TBH it was a complete and utter waste of time,one of the nursing sisters there said that with modern medicines and pain releif there was no reason for anyone to be in pain,to which I asked if that is the case then why am I in so much pain 24/7 to which she could not explain or give me an answer. Good on you Woodmagnet if you are managing to beat it.[:T]
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