Orchard Farm Fishery


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Mar 9, 2019
I hadn't given my method rod an outing for quite a while, so I decided to try my luck at this fishery just outside Paddock Wood. It's a bit of a trek for me via the A228 and right at the outer limit my range for venues being just over 20 miles. I have been here before a few times, but today I decided to fish lake 6. So me, my Preston OnBox, and my Shimano Speedmaster feeder set up in the midst of the biggest crowd of anglers I had ever seen at this venue, even discounting the match that was being fished on the horseshoe part of the lake Boy was it windy, but I set up using a Drennan 25g method feeder and Drennan's quick change bead. I should have set up my cline lip to the island around 20 meters out, but I was in a bit of a hurry. The nice thing about method feeders is that if you get tangled up in brush on the island, is that it is pretty easy to retrieve your stuff intact (three times to be exact). Clipping up after that resulted in me hitting the ledge just where I wanted to, but boy was it windy! had a great day's fishing with F1s and match sized carp (and one little cheeky skimmer hybrid) on pellets.
I am a lousy photographer, but this one snapped in a 20inch Drennan Speedex net, was about the biggest of the day. Left around 12:30 20200917_103716.jpg