One good turn deserves another, or does it?

Dave Spence

MD virtual champion 2020. Golden Pie winner 2018.
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Feb 19, 2017
Back in the 70's I had just finished a match on the Trent and I was moaning that I hadn't got any bigger fish, my net was comprised of about 4lb of gudgeon. I can't remember whether his name was Ernie or Eric Parr (one of the Notts Fed stars) told me that the roach tended to shoal above the gudgeon and you needed to fish off the bottom to get them, this advice revolutionised my Trent matches and I saw a dramatic increase in my weights. A few months later I was pegged next to Ernie/Eric and he was moaning that he couldn't hit his bites on the bomb. I went over and told him to try a lighter bomb and let it 'roll' with the flow, he tried it and hit the next 3 bites, after thanking me profusely he then proceeded to batter me with a succession of big chub.:smash2: