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Aug 11, 2001
Hi All

This is just for the mickey mouse clubers amongst you [;)]

It looks like my fave fish is gone from the mersey for ever [:(]

I used to look foward to catching the odd Turd fish when i used to do the fairs at new brighton etc, but now it seems its gong to be extinct [:(], it must be cos of this report from the EA.

Salmon thrive in the Mersey

An Environment Agency survey into salmon in the River Mersey has revealed the species is now thriving in what was once one of the UK's most polluted rivers.
Salmon have been seen leaping the weir on the river at Woolston, near Warrington, and the Agency often receives calls from members of the public who have spotted the fish, which need good quality water to thrive.

Since October the Agency has used a humane fish trap at Woolston Weir to trap salmon and examine their condition. So far 25 salmon, as well as two Brown Trout, one Sea Trout, three Lamprey and two Dace, have been trapped. The fish have been between 60 and 80cms long and weigh between 2.2 and 4.8 kg.

Roger Lamming, the Environment Agency's Environment Manager, said: "The results so far suggest we have a substantial run of fish, especially in the river's high flows following recent rain. Salmon have been pushing into our rivers for some time, with regular sightings.

"It is very exciting news, and is just rewards for the efforts of so many Environment Agency staff to secure improvements in the quality of rivers in the Mersey catchment. Now we must all build on this and ensure the Mersey continues to improve, and that it can once again be known for its salmon rather than its pollution."

The trap is part of a fish pass included when the weir was built by the Manchester Ship Canal Company and allows fish to be examined before being released upstream so they can move on to find suitable spawning grounds.

So like i said it looks like the famous turd fish & "rubber" Eel are to be gone from the mersey [:(]


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Dec 31, 2002
Your right there mate, dont know when that report you posted was published but i heard awhile ago that the "terds " were no longer to be !!! Sad really[:(], I once had a 70lb "terd" it was this big honest!!ha [:D][;)]

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