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Aug 8, 2001
Hi everyone,

I received this by email and with the permission of the author to publish it on the forum:


It is with interest that I read the latest press release from the NFA. Apparently they had a successful seminar for anglers with disabilities.
They state that they held this seminar with 20 specially invited delegates who urged them to use their expertise and influence to securing a better deal for anglers with disabilities.
With, they state, 15,000 disabled members they are suddenly able to find the huge amount of 11,000 to meet their responsibilities. Well I would like to know what they have been doing about their responsibilities for the last twenty plus years. Further, perhaps they could explain how far this new found wealth will go between its 15,000 members at 73.3 pence each. What happens to the rest of the fee which they charge these people. With regard to the special delegates it is my belief that 12 were actually NFA officials and amongst the others, and I mean no disrespect, I don't know of one who totally understands the needs of all disabilities, only their own.
Again they have come up with promises of reviewing and looking into changes but I find this rather strange as when I recently wrote to Mr. Bob Clark his exact words were that he didn't believe that there was a mass of people with access problems.

Could it possibly be that the NFA have suddenly realised that the BDAA have done more for the 'angler with disabilities' in the short time since it's formation ( previously known as Angling Link) than they have in all these years. Yes I know they have selected and sent disabled anglers to fish for their country but unfortunately they don't seem able to come up with the cash to sponsor them and don't have one qualified instructor for the disabled. In-fact these guys have fished for their Country at their own great expense whilst NFA officials have joined them abroad at the expense of the NFA.

When I wrote to Mr. Clark some time ago I suggested that he admit that the NFA had done nothing for the disabled pleasure angler since they were formed and that I believed that they didn't have a clue, so would be better off coming clean and stepping down and leaving the disabled to run their own organisation, but apparently I am just confrontational.

Well I am because as a disabled angler I believe that I have a better idea of the problems encountered every day by us 'who don't exist', and I further believe in trying to do something about it (confronting the problem if you like) but unfortunately despite Mr. Clark's request that I join him in discussion "I can not waste time with those who don't understand and won't try," oh! apart from the fact that despite being the Chairman of a growing disabled angling club, I wasn't invited.

Bob Final
Angler with Disabilities.

So if there's anyone from the NFA who would like to comment, it would be interesting to hear your side.

Bob is the Chairman of the Milton Keynes Disabled Angling Club who's web site is

Regards, Dave
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