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Oct 5, 2001

a certain site called fishing uk that shall be nameless is offering a screensaver with maggots crawling all over the place! Sacrilige!
I'm fed up with my flying windows! so have you a personalised pretty for mds up your sleeve.
I also mentioned sometime ago to Trogg ( but he's been fairly busy lately lol) about a mobile profile personalised to mds.
Now as you know I am a duffer with computers as well as fishing ( and just about life in general come to think of it) so I don't know whether these ideas are time consuming, impractical, or just plain boring!, but I thought I'd ask!
Perhaps we can even have a maggotdrowners unique ringing tone on the mobile,so if your phone goes off and someone leaps across to you with a big grin, you'll have an inkling that 'You are not alone in the Universe!
I'll keep ya busy!
PS , just upgraded to AOL7, not only does Paltalk still keep coming up when I go on-line, telling me its being permanently deleted , but it keeps trying to kick me out of our chat room by trying to load a different comms set-up lol. I keep cancelling the instal and it goes away. The wonders of modern technology!
Life is like a chit sandwich, the more bread you got, the better it goes down!
See ya


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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Trev,

Geesh , you don't want much do you

Leave it with us and we'll see what we can do for you. As regards the ring-tone do you really want a picture of Trogg everytime your phone rings? I for one wouldn't push him (or a pic) up to my ear

Regarding PalTalk:
Click: My Computer>C Drive>Windows>StartMenu>Programs>PalTalk>PalTalkUninstaller and try uninstalling it from there.

If it doesn't work, delete the whole PalTalk folder in My Computer>C Drive>Windows>StartMenu>Programs

and see what that does

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