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Nov 24, 2009
sorry about doing it this way glenn, but i couldnt find your message in the forum. i would only be too pleased to help. if you tell me the lake asap i can pin it down for you. but you will need 4mill and 6mill pellets sinkers. feed 4mill on the pole line and 6mill on the band either the band on an hair or stick your hook through the band fish 9or 10 metres on one line and top two and two closer in. ie atop five you should use hard 6mill on the hook you can take some soft expanders if you wish but no one does. small fish will do your head in. the only exception is, if you are on the ghost. you will still get small fish bites on the band but just keep lifting and dropping till you connect. dont be mean with the feed get two bags of 4mil and if you like feeder fishing two bags of 6mil he charges 1.50 abag and they are as good as any pellet you can get you will need sweetcorn on all pegs mainly for down the edge. that about covers the pole the trick is to fish long to start with but feed your near line as well hopefully you will catch on the inside line and feed it by hand wind permitting.
most of this information applies to the heron and the dog kennel.
i like to start off proceedings on the feeder i use a small wire cage 20gramme with micro pellet and 6or 8mil pellet on a banded hair and sweetcorn as a change of bait you want to be chucking the feeder as far as you can feed 6mil by catty chuck the feeder then feed 6mil pellets over it abot 8 pellets every 20 secs dont stop feeding all day the fish will try to pull your rod in so set it up accordingly.i cant emphasise enough, feed constantly i dont put the catty down. this method needs to be backed up with a pellet waggler.
odd times the paste can throw up a weight but i woulnt bother thats all glen but if you want to ring me feel free when you no the lake you are on. 07878734025. tight lines
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