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Sep 18, 2001
I've copy/pasted this from TalkAngling.[:T]

Northern Intersite - The Oaks Sessay Saturday 14th August
Northern Intersite results fished today at The Oaks, Sessay.
The start of the day was awful with a bucket load of rain but that cleared away just after the draw and the weather was set fair for the rest of the day - although the wind did get up! The weights this year were better than last. Teams of up to 10 anglers with the best six weights to count toward the result, below are shown the totals for each teams to 6 anglers. The match was fished over two lakes alders (A) and cedar (c).

Total Fishing Blue
Steve Broadbent Peg C7 - 58lb 2oz
Lee Simpson C75 - 55lb
Steve Gerrard A32 - 20lb 4oz
J O'Driscoll C55 - 60lb 14oz
Andy Jameson C51 - 51lb 6oz
Johnny Mac C23 - 31lb 4oz
Total 266lb 15oz

Yorkshire Anglers
Steel Cowboy C45 - 26lb 12oz
The Indian A37 - 31lb 8oz
Bud Nudd C25 - 40lb 1oz
MacI A39 - 15lb
Roger Summerscales C63 - 26lb 4oz
Paste C49 - 70lb 8oz
Total 209lb 13oz

Match Fishing Scene
Brian Docherty C79 - 36lb 12oz
John Baird C65 - 20lb
Colin Orminson C33 36lb 11oz
Paul Defusso C73 - 51lb 10oz
Johnathan Broadbent A36 - 34lb 8oz
Lee Mitcheson C47 - 29lb 12oz
Total 209lb 5oz

Total Fishing Red
Mick Burrows C13 - 28lb
Gordon Brown C1 - 18lb 5oz
Tim Metzan C15 - 50lb
Darren Cooper C41 - 11lb 12oz
Kev Hartley C37 - 34lb 10oz
Chris Shaw C69 - 53lb 12oz
Total 198lb 5oz

Maggot Drowners
Owen Hines C27 - 22lb 5oz
James Wood A28 - 48lb 6oz (inc biggest fish of day 7lb 4oz)
Craig Blaymire C29 - 20lb 14oz
Stuart Kelly A2 - 18lb 10oz
Glen Archer A33 - 28lb 8oz
Alex Clark A16 - 37lb 8oz
Total 176lb 3oz

Big Bash A
Tob C3 - 16lb 6oz
Kev C43 - 26lb
Dave B C39 - 29lb 6oz
Art A34 - 3lb 7oz
Big Wayne A11 - 23lb 12oz
Cant Win Owt C59 - 53lb 8oz
Total 152lb 7oz

Talk Angling
Steve Riley C77 - 17lb
Malb A5 - 16lb 10oz
Oneabung C31 - 38lb 15oz
Oneabung Snr A8 - 29lb 10oz
Steve Lupton C19 - 39lb 13oz
Total 142lb

Yorkshire Fishing
Boff C9 - 40lb 2oz
Beachball C35 - 10lb 9oz
SimonBee A4 - 13lb 3oz
Paul Carp A17 - 8lb 12oz
Lift Bite C5 - 41lb 9oz
Musselman C67 - 22lb 8oz
Total 136lb 11oz

Big Bash B
Steve A40 - 5lb 10oz
Arran A22 - 11lb 8oz
Sir John A14 - 4oz
Papakev C57 - 21lb 8oz
Trotter A1 - 5lb 2oz
Ricky Roberts A23 - 10lb 10oz
Total 54lb 10oz

Thanks to everyone for coming, there were a total of 62 anglers on the day. Congratulations to Total Fishing for a great performance! Dont forget to return the trophy next year - I suggest you guys pick the venue for next years challenge to try and defend your title.

Simon Young
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