north level drain 26 & 30 -6 -02

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Jan 24, 2002
hi abit late but ive managed to fish twice this week wedeve & sun morning
wed 26 -6-02
open sweep at main rd bridge draw 6-00 fished 6-30 to 9-30
well me & phil always tend to fish same methods ect & today was no different worm over chopped worm/caster phil on peg 2 me on peg 5
my total 1 perch 8ozs 1 roach 4ozs total 12 ozs placed nowhere
phil had better luck on his first put in tench 4-12 second put in
tench 5-02 third put in tench 3-13 he won the match in first 1/2hr
with a total of 13-11
2nd was a mixed net of roach & skimmers for 5-09.

sun 30 -6 02
club match pumps to main rd
i didnt even bother wieghing phil same method as last wed
wieghed in 1 bream 6-14, 1 eel 2-02, 1 perch 0-12 & 1 more bream 5-06
total wieght15-04, i was on next peg & only had 1 bite on worm that was believe it or not a small perch
still to top it up he was also on golden peg which gave hime a bonus payout for winning off it.
still ill try to get my own back on wed night .

tight lines.
talk fishing flip football
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