Norfolk Broads 2008 (inc. pics)

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Team tackletek
Dec 27, 2006
Well I WAS due to write this report a long time ago....however, due to the computer literally clonking out on me, I've not had access to ANYTHING, but now to put you out of your misery, only RECENTLY has it been fixed.'s the report including pics. It's gonna be a long one, so I hope you've got a cuppa ready!

The Norfolk Broads 2008

Day 1 : The Arrival

I arose from what was a short-lived sleep at the lethargic hour of 5:00am, and turnedmy head towards the abundance of fishing gear in my room and thought, "what a blinding week I've got in store!". Getting out of bed I opened the curtains to see the outside of my window shrouded by darkness, the sooner we got to Norfolk, the better!

I went downstairs and my mum came up to me telling me to get my stuff ready for the journey, and by the time I'd minimised the amount of stuff to take so that it was of a suffiecient amount to fit in the boot, we were off! Cramped up in the back seat of a Ford Escort, with a tacklbox on my lap and a rucksack beneath my feet, the long journey began!
2 hours in to the journey, and with the help of some immense map reading skills, we got lost. Even though we've done this trip many a time before! Back on route, and by this time our legs sarting to ache from being in dodgy seating positions and within the hour, we were driving over potter higham bridge and we had arrived at our destination!

Upon arrival, we parked up in the holiday parking zone and then it was time for that long awaited stretch....heavenly! I averted to my attention to the giant tackle superstore known as Lathams, and I suddenly magically felt my legs walking me towards it! My path of destiny was then brought to a quick diversion after the words, "'re not going in there until we've all had something to eat!". Sulking, we walked over the bridge to the fish and chip shop/restaurant and sat down. Now before I go on....I must say that this place serves the nicest fish and chips I've ever tasted. The haddock and chips was beautiful, a real pleasure to the palette!

After a quick go in the arcade next door and winning a couple of extra pounds, my magical possessed feet were then allowed to walk me over to Lathams. The place is ridiculously big. It's like sainsbury's, but for anglers! Picking up things I thought I may have needed for the fishing I was going to do, I came to the checkout with 57 worth of bait.

Tactics for the holiday were going to be trotting a stickfloat with various baits, groundbait feeder fishing with various baits, and livebaiting any small things for pike.

After bringing the fish's menu for the week back to the car, we were then off to the main Broads Direct reception to pick up lifejackets, and keys to the boat we were staying on for the week. The boat was called "Delight", and it was just as the name said. It was a spacious boat with 2 double berths, a single berth and a bed that folded out in the living room. One en suite bathroom/toilet and another one just on the other side of the boat. But most importantly, it had a big aft well at the back of the boat, perfect for fishing off of!


After getting everything sorted and put on to the boat, we were out of Potter Higham and on our way down the rivers at an arse clenching speed of 5mph! Tearing through the waterways at this immense speed, we arrived on the river Thurne. After chugging along for about half an hour or so, we moored up at the Thurne Dyke (and she wasn't too happy about it!)...We moored up just at the opening of it so there was plenty of water to fish. After setting up my rods, I was away with a bit of floatfishing. Things were slow at first but after building up the swim I was catching roach, skimmers and perch at a steady speed. A few hours later and about 400 cups of tea after, my session was halted as we were going off for dinner at a little pub called "The lion"...nice original name for you there! However, the food was lovely, and after filling up on a steak and ale pie and potatoes, I was back off to the boat for more tiddler bashing.


After catching a few, I thought I'd try my hand at livebaiting a small roach for pike. The roach in question was about 3oz, and after catching, I put a size 10 semi barbed treble through its lips and cast out. Still catching the skimmers, my parents and everyone came back from the pub. I informed them of what I had caught and then wnet in for a cup of tea...with the pike rod on the alarm outside. I'd stopped floatfishing, and left the pike rod to do its bit.

It soon came to 11pm, and as I went outside to start bringin everything in, I had a screaming take on the pike rod. I struck and I was in to a fish. However it didnt feel like a pike. Playing it for about 30 seconds it swam towards the opening of the Dyke, and then nothing. It had snagged me up on something under the water. At that point my feelings were that it was an eel and it had wrapped itself round someething and gone in to a temporary state of rigamortis as a defence mechanism. Leaving the rod standing for about 5 minutes, I tried reeling in but it was still there....desperation tactics lead me to holding the spool and walking unwrapped itself and the fight was back on! As I persisted with it, I managed to see it surface, "flip me!" was all I said at that point....then thing was going to be a definate was about 2 foot long and as thick as my wrist! Edging it closer to the net, it started spinning frantically, as eels do, and then 'whoosh' spat the hook.....absolutely gutted!

That was it then for me that to bed in shame!

Day 2 : Acle bridge!

The next morning, I woke up to a heavily condensated window and mist everywhere rolling off the Thurne. Another caffeine fuelled breakfast later, everyone was pepped up and we were ready to get to our next destination!

I jumped on to the bank and untied the moorings from both ends and after a hilarious mishap which involved my mum forgetting how to get the boat in gear, we were away! (...mum you have to push the pin in before the throttle actually does its job!)...

Now at Acle, there's a little bit on the edge of where you moor up with a small wooden platform. Now when fishing off of this with a feeder to the reeds it's absolute mustard. But, unfortunately the mooring spot was taken and we were kind of in the middle somewhere amongst open water. Not too worry though! Still plenty of fishing to be done!

Acle again, is a lovely little place, with plenty of things to do at the mooring up spot. There's a big pub/restaurant, and outside it has a mini golf course, play park, a small shop, and amusements. Then over the bridge is another small shop where there's also a small bit of tackle you can buy.

The main tactics for me at Acle were to try and get out some of the nice bream I'd heard that were in there. So out came the quiver rod and small cage feeder. 6lbs mainline to a 4lbs hooklink with a size 18 hook and double maggot, and carptech Voodoo groundbait was the plan of attack. I cast out and stood the rod up sea fishing style and kept my eye on the tip like a hawk. Unfortunately, the bites were very few and far between, and I was only hitting in to small shoals of roach, and a few skimmers, with the odd perch here and there. I then everted my tactics to trotting the float, but with little more success. With persistance I was catching slowly, but the fish were immaculate. River fishing is brilliant like that, every fish you catch I find in the Norfolk broads are absolutely perfect! Bar the odd one or two obviously!

It was time for lunch, and my mum had cooked a lovely pizza for everyone....after that and a cup of tea, I gave the fishing a little rest and took my little brother up to the play park where he had a great time jumping abouit on the climbing frame like a little monkey, running me all about the place, "can I do this Ash?" "can I do that Ash?!" were the main questions asked! So I then took him in to the amusements where we then fought our wy through zombie hoards on house of the dead 4 for about 20 minutes and about 6 quid later! It was then back outside to the little electric moterbike/kart things for the little kids and obviously he wanted to go on them also, so I gave him yet another quid to go on it and he loved it. Definately got a pounds worth out of it! The blimmin' thing lasted ages!

The river started to look more and more tempting by this time and although we didn't have long until we had to go to dinner as my mum and stepdad had booked a table for us which was due to be filled in about an hour, I still had a fish for about 45 minutes or so. Steadily catching the small stuff the time flew by, but then it was time to have a wash and go to dinner.

On the menu for me tonight was a lovely chilli con carne burger. And it was really really nice, Norfolk folk can cook I tell ya! Massive burger topped up with spicy chilli con carne, and despite knowing the fact that I was going to have an arse like a japanese flag in the morning...I ate the lot! Letting the food go down, nice and full, and a couple of pints of blackthorn cider later, the light was fading. So more fishing was in order!

I went back to the boat and stuck a keepnet out for a couple of hours, i fished from about 7:30 until 11 on the feeder picking up a load of small fish, and the odd skimmer. The fishing wasn't too great that night to be honest with you, but I took the best skimmers fom my net and took a pic that night.



Day 3: Terror at Stokesby!

The next morning at Acle was spent a lot more differently as we would like to have expected. The weather was brilliant however, and the sun was shining! Still half asleep, we had all had breakfast, while watching the olympics on the small television situated under the captains chair of the boat! With the amount of showers people were having, we decided it would be a good idea to dive the boat through the bridge where on the other side there was a pumping station, where you could also get water for the boat. Mooring up on the bankside, I thought it would be a perfect oppertunity to do some early morning fishing. My little brother Charlie also wanted to have a go at it so he jumped off the boat with me.

I was going to have a bit of a go on the feeder rod, but by the time I had stuck the banksticks in to the ground and made my first cast, the boat had been replenished with water! However, what happened next was good in some ways, but annoying in others. My mum put the key in the ignition, but as she turned it the key snapped! Luckily, with this little mishap I was able to have a bit more of a fish, but this also meant that we were going to have to wait for someone to come up from Potter Higham to come fix it! Relieved in a way, I carried on with the fishing. This side of the bridge was much better as it goes compared to where I was fishing on the other side the night prior to this.

I had a few small roach out, and by this time my little brother was getting excited and wanted a go himself. So I sat him next to the rod, and cast out, and set it up. I told him, "Charlie, watch the end of the rod and a fishy has the bait in it's mouth when the end of it starts moving a lot....when it does that lift the rod up". And he took it all in! He sat there watching the rod tip like a sniper looking at a target through a twitched and i told him to get ready. The rod tip was then going quite frantic (I was only using a 1oz tip), and I told him to lift the rod up, and he was in. With a little help, he managed to bring in his first ever proper roach, and a new PB for the little one! Two thumbs up for that!


Anyway, before we knew it, the engineer had fixed the ignition and given us a spare key for the boat. Upon thanking him, me and my little brother got everything packed back on to the boat and it was off to stokesby.

An our or so drive later, and we had arrived at our destination. There were hardly any spots to moor up apart from one, which was a space right at the far end of the bank, away from pretty much everything. However, it was better than nothing. We moored up, and a torrential downpour started to occur. Looking out of the window having a mental argument with the clouds, it didn't seem as if much fishing was going to be done here. And it looked perfect too! Not looking as though the rain was going to stop any time soon, I agreed to go to the pub with the family, just down the bankside. Along the way these little fella's were following...


Staying in there for a little while as well as having a look around the local village, we stopped off for something to eat. As by the time we had been around a bit, it was time for dinner. Walking back to the pub and after a lovely meal I suddenly heard the patter of rain was a sign! I told everyone that I was going back to the boat, and I did so! What I saw next did NOT please me. As I was walking up to a boat, there was a bloke holding on to one of our mooring ropes, trying to pull us up the bank, and even if we were pulled 10 foor up the bank, the boat he had wouldn't fit behind.
"Do you mind if I move this?" He asked....
"Obviously you don't care about my opinion" was the reply, (who does this stuck up prat thinks he is???)
"Well, there's no room and we want to stay here the night" he said,
"Well if there was no room in a car park, would you smash a window and move it so you could fit in?!" replied,
"...well what are we going to do?"
"That's not my problem is it? You should have got here early!", yep, I was fuming.

The next thing I know, he's jumped on to our boat, got on to his from ours, and started moporing up on to our a double mooring. Now, there was no room to fish, and I couldnt go on to the bankside as it was waterlogged. Apparantly Stokesby is the only place where you're allowed to double-moor. Yet he decided that out of ALL the boats, he diceded to pic ours...gutting. This also meant that if he got out the boat, he would have to walk over ours and on to the muddy bankside, then when he walks back over to get on to his boat, who's going to have to clean up all the cwap that comes off his shoes in to the aft well!?

Enough said, no fishing was done at Stokesby until the morning, when I got about an hours fishing in...look how perfect it was!


Days 4 and 5 : Paradise in Ludham

That morning, after the hour or so of fishing, the parents had just come back from the local shop, and breakfast was on. I packed in the fishing for a bit and had a wash, then retreating to the living room to watch yet more of the olympics while sitting down to a lovely english fry-up.

Setting the rods up out the back so that they didnt get damaged during the trip...this time it was MY turn to drive!


We did a U-turn and headed straight back the way we came, because if we went straight ahead, we would end up at Great Yarmouth, and we weren't too keen on going there as we had already been there for a week straight earlier on in the year. Heading back on ourself then, we came to a turning we hadn't been down before. Now after manouvering ourselves through a river that ended up getting thinner and thinner, it eventually widened out in to what seemed to be a broad...but it wasn't! In fact, we had arrived in Ludham village, and it was like paradise honestly, the place was immaculate, and everyone was really friendly. One downside to the place although, and that was the smell, it absolutely stank of animal sh*t everywhere! But if you can bear with the smell of maggots, you can try and bear the smell of animal cwap!



Having to parallel park in to a gap we had arrived. The only way to fish here was to sit on the front of the boat and fish off of it. Tactics for here were to floatfish on one rod and floatfish a livebait on the pike rod. Upon plumbing up the depth, it came to my attention that where we were fishing was deeper than the average bit of water we had been on al week. Therefore, the plan of action had stepped up to a slider float rig. Upon starting the fishing, my little brother came on to the front of the boat to join me. Before the holiday we had bought him a little 6 foot starters rod incase he wanted to have a fish as well. He wanted me to set it up so he could fish on it as well. Setting him up with a shallow rig, fishing at about 3 foot deep, he was set. And every time I helped him cast it out, he was getting bites! He even hooked on to a fish before anyone else in the vicinity had done!
"Sack this!" I thought, "I'm fishing shallow!".
Upon the discovery that the fish were up in the water too, I changed my rig on the pike setup to floatfish a livebait at about 3 foot deep also. However, I still didn't have a fish to put on it yet! Upon changing my rig, I was fishing about 3 foot deep. I cast out and sprinkled a few maggots around the float...which before I knew it had sank and i was in to a small roach of about 3oz...
Perfect livebait!
A size 10 semi-barbed treble through its mouth and it was cast out. Still catching on the float at quite a rapid rate, I stopped the fishing on it for a bit and helped my little brother out, who was happy sitting there catching a few tiddlers. His attention was always diverted by the pike float drifting about, and he was laughing, guessing at where the fish was going to go off to next.

The parents were then announcing that they were leaving for a bit to go explore the village and if wany of us wanted to come...I decided on whether to go...or be anti social as the fishing was pretty good here. Anti-social was the answer, and I apologised, but said the fishing was going good. My mum and stepdad weren't too fussed so it was ok! And I resumed fishing...not before my sister could take an embarrasing pic of me of course!


(...check out that arse!)

By the time they had got back there was still no activity on the pike rod, but plenty of action on the float. Unfortunately there was nowhere to put a keepnet out so I wasn't able to weigh my catch. On the plus side though, it meant that I didn't pressure myself in to having to get a big net of fish and I could enjoy the fishing a little more. My sister then came to the front of the boat and picked up my little brothers rod and had a fish, asking me a few questions about the piking gear. She wasnt doing too bad either, catching a few up shallow.

I then needed to go to the toilet and asked my sister to watch the pike float, and give me a shout if it went under, and whatever she does...NOT to strike it if it does, and I explained how you have to wait for the pike to turn the fish etc etc. Anyway, by chance, as I'd done my business, my sister starts going off on one, "Ash, it's gone right under! Quick, quick!"...I rushed to the front of the boat, and as I was about to say "Don't touch it!", she strikes. In all fairness the fish was on....for about 2 seconds after she had handed me the rod. I just looked at her in disgust....that take ended up being the only one of the holiday that could have potentially ACTUALLY been a pike! I had no more takes on that pike rod for the rest of the holiday you know! And after a few words to my sister, I was back on the flaot, and had put another livebait on the pike rod.

Sooner than I knew it, it was coming up to half 6, and our table was booked at a local pub/restaurant at 7:30. I decided to do the 'one last bite' tactic, and then get ready. The next bite turned out to be this, which was rather nice!


I then got my gear back inside and had a wash, we then walked up in to the main bit of the village where the pub/restaurant was situated. Honestly, it was the best 2 meals of the holiday in there...up on the specials board they had roast duck breast, with plum sauce, noodles and stir fried veg. When it was given to me, not only was the presentation of the food nice, but when eaten, the only comparison I can make to it was like an orgy in your mouth! Stuffed, we went back to the pub and after a couple of ciders we went back to the this timee it was getting kind of late and I was too full up to do anything lol, so we sat in, watched a bit of telly, and went to bed.

The next morning, the sun was shining, and the smell of animal dollops filled the air! Sad, that the meal from the night before had left my system, I was enlightened by a lovely home cooked breakfast! Going outside, with the morning sun beating down on me, it felt lovely. I decided to go for a stroll through the village before I started anything. Looking around, my anglers sense was tingling, and I noticed a small tackle shack. In all fairness, the prices were pretty extortionate! On the window outside it said something like "Maggots, 1pt, 4.10"....I looked at it and nearly dropped my guts! We're heading in to recession, but that takes the mick! I still decided on buying half a pint as I was running quite low, but I dont' think I could have bought anything else from there, otherwise I reckon they would have bankrupted me!

Ready to fish, I walked back to the boat after buying my little brother a few bits and bobs from a local shop, you know, the usuall stuff a 6 year old likes...pens and paper, colouring books, and some random gunge that makes a fart noise when you press it.

I was going to use the same tactics as I was the day previous. Floatfish on one shallow, then pike float on the other rod quite shallow also. However this time the fish seemed to be a little deeper than 3 the feeder came out and I had a little go on it. Catching slowly but surely, the day was going alright, it was much better due to the fact that the weather was brilliant.


I ate my own words however when the clouds started to gather and the day became more and more overcast. And if that wasnt enough, I think the cousin of the duck I ate came to have a go at it had jumped on to the side of the boat and was must have been a ninja in a previous life! Nonetheless, my brother ran to the the fridge and got out some bread, and fed you do!



There was little action on both rods after that, the pike rod had nothing the rest of the day as well! However the feeder was producing fish quite slowly, but at least I was catching. My mum and stepdad had gone back to the pub place to book dinner for the same time as the night prior.

Before I knew it, the day had shot by with a few fish gracing my presence. And it was again 6:30pm...time to get ready to go out for dinner! This time I had a meat medley, consisting of gammon, chicken and beef, with mushrooms, chips and onion rings....lovely and healthy! But soooo nice. However, as full us as I was, i decided to take an early leave to the boat, by this time it was dark, so I put a nightlight on the quivertip and started feeder fishing!


The fish were still very few and far between, but I was steadily catching the silvers, and sometimes hitting in to small shoals of skimmers. while everyone was inside apart from us mad anglers who were braving the elements, the fishing died. Literally died. I had them limited to baiting up once every quarter of an hour, then once every 20 minutes. "One last fish and I'm off to bed", I thought to myself. 11:52pm, and the tip went frantic, I hit in to it and at last I was graced with a fish I was waiting to see for a little while, although being a bootlace, it was more than welcome....I was then off to bed!



Day 6 : A friend in Acle

Now throughout the holiday, I had been planning on meeting up with Chris...('thecarpmaster2005' off of, as he lives up that way. Today was the day in which we were going to meet up for a fish. So the morning consisted of a few phone calls and texts to him things were sorted. We were on our way to Acle again, as the holiday was drawing to a close soon, and we didn't want to be far away from Potter Higham. A couple of hours later, we were passing under the apparantly haunted Acle bridge. And who could I see in the distance? Yep, Chris was there on the wooden platform setting up. However, there were no mooring spots anywhere near, and we had to go back through the bridge on to the bank the other side.

Here's a pic of the stretch I took later that evening just so you can get an idea of where we were fishing...


I called Chris up and asked him if he wanted to resume fishing there or come round to the boat, he agreed to come over and I ran to the other side, said hello, and helped him bring his tackle over to the other side of the bridge. Tactics for the day were to stick a pike rod out on one and switch between the float and feeder on the other rod. With Chris, he had 2 pike rods set up, and the other rod he switched between float and feeder fishing also.

After setting up and having a bit of a chat, the fishing was underway, and a joint keepnet was going out so that we could weigh the days catch. Having not fished this stretch before, Chris was keen on seeing what it had to offer. This side of the bridge apprantly held some good shoals of big bream and good pike if you could find them. However, our luck was not on that side as the fishing was going surprisingly slow. Although we were getting the bites on the feeder rods, they were incredibly finnicky, and we wre missing a few. Chris was in to the first fish which ended up being an immaculate little roach, which was then plonked in to the keepnet. My first fish however was put on my pike rod, and cast out just beyond the boat.

After getting a bit of feed out in 2 main spots between the both of us, the bites were coming on a bit more. Bait for the day was maggots on a size 18 hook, to a 1.5oz cage feeder on a simple running rig, but with a buffer bead on the swivel. I was on the carptech voodoo method mix whereas Chris had made up a mix consisting of breadcrumb and carptech special-G green groundbait. Both of us had also put a load of particles in the mixes to help entice more fish!

The fishing was going well, not consistantly catching, but when you've got good company and a good bit to chat about then it makes the day that much more enjoyable!

Everyone had then decided to leave the boat, and we were left there on the bankside. I then went in and made the pair of us a cup of tea each and we rested the swim for a little bit. I showed Chris around the boat a bit as he seemed interested in it, and about having a holiday on one also. Plus, the engine was REALLY loud and it was fun to rev it up in neutral, just because of the roar it made, as the engine is situated under the floor in the living room, where we were.

Cups of tea over, and the fishing was back on, and a few bream were showing, with both of us catching a couple of nice skimmer each. Then Chris hit in to an eel, not a bad little bootlace at that! Plus, it was the first eel he had ever caught, which clocked another species on to his list, which was nice to see. In the keepnet it went! The day was progressing nicely with few fish getting caught, but still, we had the weather on our side, and the conversations going.

My parents, sister and brother had come back from the pub and playpark etc, and said that the table for dinner was booked for 7:00pm. Obviously then that meant packing up at about half 6.

The day went on nicely, but very quickly, and before I knew it, I had to pack up. Just before getting everything sorted, we weighed up our keepnet, and it only came to a couple of pounds, ut it was an enjoyable day fishing nonetheless.


I had to bid Chris farewell, but he stayed on fishing for a bit, as he was gtting picked up by his mum a little later. In the restaurant, I had ordered sweet and sour chicken with rice and spring rolls, and halfway through eating, Chris and his mum came over to the table. We had a chat, and thanked eachother for a good fish on the bankside, and agreed that it had to be done again sometime. We all had a good chinwag, and Chris and his mum then had to leave. After dinner, I went back to the boat, and Chris had kindly put all his left over groundbait in my bucket, which was really nice of him. And the fishing was underway again, this time, only on the feeder, as I wanted to concentrate on one aspect of fishing only.

The light started fading, and the bream suddenly turnt on to the feed! The rig used was the same as before, being a free running cage feeder rig. 6lbs mainline, 4lbs hooklink, to a size 18 hook with single or double maggot, with the newly added groundbait mix of Chris' to mine to put in the feeder. All I was catching was bream, nothing but, I was fishing on the same spot as i was during the day, and obviously they must have homed in on it! Every cast was a fish, it was brilliant, and they were all decent sized skimmers.
"I'll make a night of this!" I thought...

At around 11:30, the tip shot round like lighning and was bouncing frantically and I had connected with a nice weight. River bream certainly do fight harder than their lazy stillwater counterparts! Not too long after I was netting a beautiful bream, and a new PB at that, of 4lbs 13oz!


I think the smile says it all haha!

Plonking it in the keepnet I resumed the fishing. And the bream were all coming out at a couple of pounds each I must say! Really productive fishing it turnt out to be. And the fact that I kept catching meant I wasnt feeling the tiredness, and before I knew it, the sun had greeted me over the hills in the distance, and morning had arrived! Everyone had woken up and came out to the aft well of the boat to see me fishing..."you been up all night!?" my sister asked, I nodded my head, came in for a cup of tea, and went out to weigh the keepnet. Literally, all I had caught were bream, no roach, no eels, no perch, nothing but bream....and all on maggot, it was amazing!

The keepnet felt a good weight, and upon gazing in to it I was shocked..."Have I really caught that many bream!?" I said to myself.

I put the bream in a large mesh net, weighed it, then took the weight of the net off...the bag came to 25lbs 3oz, not bad for a river!

17082008463.jpg 3


And with the 2 biggest bream of the net...4lbs 13oz in my left hand, and 3lbs 10oz in my right...


With that, I had a wash, after returning all the fish safely to the water, and sorting my fishing tackle out in the aft well. I then K.O'ed on to my bed.

Day 7 : Farewell fishing

Day 7 saw us mooring up at the same spot we did on the 1st day of the holiday, at the Thurne Dyke. Still feeling lethargic from the night before, a lot of caffeine was needed to keep me awake! However, by the time I was awake enough to start fishing, it was late morning, about 11am I would say. We were on the corner of the opening to the mooring up spots, by a lovely old windmill.

Tactics here were going to be simple feeder fishing and switching to the floatfishing when needed and piking on the other rod. I set out to the front of the boat with the float rod and keepnet, sat down and started to fish. The first fish of the day was a fin and scale perfect perch, it looked unreal, as the colours were magnificent on it! The day continued slowly with plently of small silvers gracing my keepnet.

There were a group of onlookers at a nearby park bench who then later came over to me and we had a chat about angling. They had never seen it done before really, and were enquiring about every aspect of it basically, what this did, what that did, and why...I even showed them the rigs and explained to them how a feeder rig worked, and they were astonished. One of them said to me, "God, I didn't realise how technical and complicated fishing really is! I thought you just tied a know on a hook and slung it out! You really have to get in to the minds of the fish to outwit them don't you!?" ...I couldnt have put it better myself! They watched me like a camera on big brother at every move I made practically and at the fish I was catching, each time asking what species of fish it was, to which I was happy to tell.

It's brilliant, the feeling of teaching people who haven't got a clue in the world about angling but really want to learn, and seeing their expressions as the penny drops when you explain to them aspects of the sport. I think I passed on the sport to a good few people that day, and hopefully given life to a load of new anglers!

My parents had gone to book dinner at "The lion" pub for again, 7:30pm, so I was hurrying to get a good weight in my net. However, the time flew by and before I knew it I had to set everything away and get ready to eat. We walked up to the restaurant a bit early, and had a quick little go in the arcade before eating...a garlic and herb chicken breast and some chips later, I rushed back to the boat to get some more fishing in.

Sitting down I baited up my feeder rig with a single maggot and plonked it in the water with only about 3 foot of line off the tip of the rod, so it was hanging mid-depth, just so I could mix up some fresh groundbait. Before I knew it, the tip was shuddering and I lifted out...a gudgeon!!!! The first gudgeon I have ever caught at the norfolk broads, and not only that, gudgeon to me are a special fish, really under-rated by loads of anglers, such pretty little fish they are!

The light was soon fading, and my attention moved on to the back of the boat, where there was a lot mroe water. The feeder was set out and the keepnet, and the fishing began. I wasn't going to leave it too late as I was still tired from the all nighter the night previous. A few hours later and a few skimmers and silvers, as well as the gudgeon in my net, and it was time to pack up...properly this time. As my fishing had come to an end that week...

(you may be able to see the gudgeon next to the perch in the bottom right hand corner of the net...dum dum duuuuum)


On that note, I packed up, and everything was packed away properly, ready to be put back in to the car...


The next morning we arrived back in to Potter Higham to hand over the keys and head home. I wasn't too sad though, as the week had been a very memorable one, good fishing, eventful, and I even met up with a mate for a fish. A great end to another week on the Norfolk Broads.

And I can't wait to get back out there!

Thanks for thaking the time to read this everybody, but I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and re-living my memories of the holiday andI hope you haven't aged too much either after reading the report!

Tight Lines!
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May 15, 2007
A cracking report, as i am a regular broads visitor and know all the spots you fished i could picture it all perfectly in my mind. I cant wait to go back in June 09.


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Dec 6, 2007
Great report Ash is this the new Judith Chalmers


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Jul 4, 2008
Yup! me too. I'm thinking I may even try and get opening day on there next year [;)]

One non fishing point. The Lion at Thurne really is cracking food. You wouldnt think it to look at the place, but a hell of a feed in there :)


Dec 18, 2007
Fantastic report,great read mate
2008102215437_clap small hands.gif

Well done on the PB [;)]


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Jul 19, 2004
Nice report mate, shame about the eel...

but as you know, "Norfolk n Chance" [;)]

Like the bream though


Team tackletek
Dec 27, 2006
Cheers everyone, it means a lot to me that you've all read it :D and sparhawk...the owners used to live where i live at the moment! Had some great chats with them there...really friendly people.


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Mar 12, 2005
Cracking report Ash - well done [:D]

Like pelly said, a shame about the lost big eel, but at least you had a good time and caught a new PB [8D]
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Apr 20, 2006
Nice one ash, you took your time writing this! ;)

Nevertheless, sounds like a great holiday, well in on the bream catch!


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Dec 27, 2006
cheers rachel, and yes, it took blimmin' ages, massive relief when i finished....really glad you all like it...makes it all worth while :D


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Oct 1, 2006
Brilliant report and great pics.It certainly brought back memories for me [:D] Well done ash.


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May 27, 2005
great report , we went on the broards years ago and it was a great holiday, rachel was only a baby then.


Aug 12, 2008
Congrats on a great report. Just encase anyone is wondering, the tackle shop at Ludham (on Womack Water where Ash had moored up) is well known for charging high prices - especially wierd considering the bargins that can be found down the road at Lathams.

Womack water used to be a very nice venue in the winter months for Bream. I used to spend many a day down there when my parents were visiting my aunt and uncle up in the village. However this was about 10yrs ago before I moved down to Kent so things may have changed by now.


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Dec 27, 2006
It still is a lovely water mate, and in fact the only bit of water where I could have landed a pike, if it weren't for the little mishap. And you're definately right about Womack water, the place is a rip-off...I definately recommend lathams if you're looking for a good deal on fishing gear, and the people are much more friendly....however, Ludham is still a really nice place to stay, shame about the smell though lol


Aug 12, 2008
Wind must have been in the wrong direction that day. If you were in a car and headed down towards Potter Heigham then you woudl probably have seen a massive 'compost' heap on one of the fields. It really doesn't smell at all at Womack as a rule...


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Dec 27, 2006
It must have been then, some times it was fine, but as you say, when the ind blew fairly strong PHWOAR! it stank!

The Big Fella

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Jan 11, 2007

If i am correct on this I think you went on this holiday to teh Broads between July 19th and August 3rd??

The reason is I think I recognise you and I came over and spoke to you when you were more or less packing up at Cold Harbour Lane??

I had fished previously near the Windmill on the Thurne, but this particular day I took the Cold Harbour Lane option, and you were fishing a feeder off the bank and your dad or another person was on the boat already packed up and nets out.....?

I asked you if you had caught much and you replied you had just tipped em back but had some skimmers, and it had slowed down a bit.

So I moved me kit to left of where you had sat on the bank fishing the feeder - and once you had put your stuff on the boat I was still setting up but you still said goodbye as you pulled away!

If you cant remember me I was a really big fella in shorts[:D]

Well I fished the peg for 3 1/2 hours on the pole and started off catching roach to 6 ounces, but then went 6 inch over depth and balled it heavily and also ended up with good skimmers to pound and a half and 25lbs in total!!

What a small world heheheheh[8D]

If its not you and you cant remember me from that description its someone that is a spitting image of you hehehehehe[;)]


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Dec 27, 2006
lol no mate that wasn't me unfortunately, I was at the broads between the 11th and the 18th, I must have a twin spit from me at birth! However that stretch of the thurne where the windmill is holds some nice bream, if you heavily bait up during the day I've found, the bream will home on it come night time and you'll be baggin' up nicely!
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