No More Tares Soup


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Jul 30, 2011
Hemp and tare are not just for roach though

Carp love em, manys the time when Ive been after the forgotten silvers in commie lakes and have fed hemp while fishing either tare or hemp ion the hook, only to have the puddle pigs home in and ruin the day, pushing out the intended target
There was a Dorset pond that, years ago, had a big head of carp 1 to 6lb (before commercials) as well as loads of lovely roach that went to close on 2lbs. One early season day I fished it with tares and the carp were spawning and that was one of the few days that I avoided the carp - it was normal to hook up to 45 in a day - getting 75 good roach with many over a pound to 1-8, and just one tiddler carp.