Nightmare on the club lake


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Feb 25, 2020
Possibly my last session at this lake and it wasn’t the best. Started off short on meat and had a fish first put in around 8lb. 15 mins later i struck into another fish but it shot off before i could add any sections and the hook pulled. Next put in and another smaller carp around 4lb and then nothing. Started feeding 2 margins, one to my left and one to the reeds on the right, it was around 11:30 but the carp move in early here. No more bites on meat after 30mins so moved the left margin. Single corn and the float dances within seconds before shooting off. Another fish took off and this time the hook straightened. I think I picked up the wrong hook length as im sure it looked like a b911f1. New hooklength on and another fish of around 4lb. The next 2 put ins resulted in hookpulls at the net😡. Another fish lost next put in resulted in a lost hook. Then bites dried up. Managed another better fish around 7lb before finishing at 1:45. Think the it was a draw 6 landed 6 lost and by far my worst day in terms of fish loss, the odds are normally in my favour!
Hoping to join a different club tomorrow as my membership here runs out the end of may. Its a lovely quiet place and the fishing is great, but it really is carp carp carp, maybe the odd roach but not caught a roach since September! Week in week out of only carp for 12 months has left me a little bored now and its only 1 lake. The other club will offer much more variety and some river, with 2 of their lakes being purpose built and the only carp are cruscians!


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