Nicks Farewell match Shearsby Valley 8/4


Jun 3, 2008
Match results Sat 8th April Alder.

Found the results...

25 fished

1st Wayne O'Beirne - 150lb (Peg 47)
2nd Sooty - 123.10 (Peg 24)
3rd Glen Ribbons 107lb (Peg 6)
4th Steve Oswick 105lb(Peg 49) - Left Sec
5th Roger Clarke 84.6(Peg 4) - Right Sec
6th Phil Burgess 60.12 (Peg 45)
7th Phil Dayman 59.8 (Peg 22)
8th Rab Egan 58.4 (Peg 51)
9th Tom Neal 57.4 (Peg 41)
10th Sean Huggins 56.2 (Peg 33)
11th Mark Akeins 52.6 (Peg 17)
12th Kev Sargent 51.0 (Peg 10)
13th Nick Davis 47.12 (Peg 12)
14th Jason Wilmer 37.8 (Peg 29)
15th Chris Neal 36.0 (Peg 20)
16th Gaz Marriot 31.4 (Peg 37)
17th Paul wilkinson 13.12 (Peg 38)
18th Dave Pontin 10.8 (Peg 38)
=19th DNW Bubby Grey,Dave Smith,John Shellard,Neil Rawlings,Geoff Grant,Paul Edwards, Aaron Wells

Really enjoyed the day and great to see all the old faces(Even managed to catch a few myself!), thanks everyone for showing up.

Thanks for Ade,Dawn and Dan for the hospitality on the day and good luck to them for the future. Happy the fishery is in good hands.

See you later in the year at the odd open match.

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