Nick & Rachel.....


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Nov 30, 2015
Nick & Rachel decide to go on a date. Nick arrives
at Rachel's house to take her out. She answers the
door and he is surprised to see her wearing only a
towel. She says, "'I am so sorry, I was held up with
something. I will get ready in just a few minutes. I
will introduce you to my parents. You can talk to
them while I am getting dressed. But let me warn
you, they are both deaf mutes." She then guides
him to the living room, introduces him to her parents and disappears. The situation is a little uncomfortable as both of the
parents are absolutely quiet. Rachel's father is
watching soccer on TV and her mother is busy
reading a newspaper. After a few moments of
silence, the mother suddenly gets up from her
chair, pulls up her skirt, pulls down her underwear and pours a glass of water over her butt. Likewise,
Rachel's father launches himself across the room,
bends her over the sofa and screws her from
behind. He then relaxes in his chair and balances a
match stick in front of his eye. The room is plunged back into a creepy silence and
Nick is too shocked to say anything. Just then,
Rachel comes down fully dressed and ready to go
out. The date is totally ruined as Nick is per-
occupied by the events at Rachel's home. Towards
the end, Rachel realizes that something is terribly wrong and asks, "Is everything okay? Why are
you so lost?" Nick replied, "I witnessed some bizarre events
while I was waiting for you and I am still in shock.
First your Mother jumps from her chair, lifts up her
skirt, pulls down her drawers & throws a glass of
water over her behind. Then, your father
contributes to the strange happenings by racing from his chair, pinning your mother down on the
sofa and taking her from behind. He then sits back
and places a match stick by his eye". 'Oh, that's nothing?' replies Rachel. Nick can't believe her casual response. Rachel continues, 'Mom was simply saying 'Are
you going to get this asshole a drink?' And Dad
was replying 'No screw him, I'm watching the