Nick Clark Memorial Match

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Jan 24, 2006
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The Nick Clark Memorial Match 2014
(Another cracking weekend)

Im just back into the office after spending the weekend at Lindholme Fishery near Doncaster, where I help run the Nick Clark Memorial Match each year to raise money for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Many thanks go to the owners of Lindholme Fishery, Aaron and Bev, and particularly Neil, whose father died during the week before the match.

Despite this sad news, they provided the usual excellent facilities and advice to all that needed it, to make a good, close, competitive but fun match.

My own weekend started at around 1400 hours Friday, and began with potential disaster.

We were already watching the heavy rain lashing down, with little apparent prospect of a break in the weather, when my sister rang to say the hire van had broken down and that they were waiting for a replacement.

This eventually arrived, but by then we were an hour behind schedule.

The prizes for the tombola, raffle and auctions, together with the bread for the bbq and a pile of other equipment, plus all our fishing gear were squeezed into the van, and all our helpers into a variety of vehicles, and our convoy was on the way.

We arrived at Lindholme in pouring rain, and with black clouds as far as the eye could see.

Everything was unloaded, and we quickly organised tea, before rushing into the clubhouse to dry off, have a few beers and meet up with the competitors who had already arrived.

Saturday morning arrives, and its still raining not looking good for the fishing, or more importantly the bbq.

0800 hours sees us completing the draw, and collecting the remaining sponsor money, including some fantastic amounts raised by the competitors.

I draw last, and find myself on the much fancied peg 63.

I rush to my peg in the pouring rain, and find I have Dave Herbert for company on peg 62, a really nice bloke and a pleasure to fish with.

The match kicked off at 1000 hours, and Dave and I are going roughly fish for fish, with each of us forging ahead for a while before suffering a quiet spell, and the other catching up and overtaking the lead.

As if by magic, in the first hour of the match, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and glorious sunshine arrived (which later caused some lobster coloured anglers sitting in the clubhouse).

In the words of Chris Kamara unbelievable.

News from around the lake was, despite the improvement in the weather, that nobody was catching well, and fish were at a premium, but as we all know, this information is to be taken with a pinch of salt, and so it proved.

1300 hours arrived, and we took an hours break to stuff ourselves at the bbq and cake stall, plus win a few prizes on the tombola.

The hour passed very quickly, and 1400 hours saw us back at our pegs, and the much anticipated activity in my margin peg just never happened, despite there obviously being fish there. I managed a few barbel there, before returning to my 2+2 line where I started catching again on corn as I had in the morning.

A very quick 3 hours later and 1700 hours saw the end of the match.

The scales arrived, any my efforts resulted in a lower than expected 35lbs 2oz, but taking the honours in my peg to peg battle with Dave as he weighed in 26 lbs 9oz. My late rush had just been enough.

Davey Graham, hiding behind a tree on peg 61 took the section with 41 lbs 9oz, beating me into second. No coin for me there then.

Kirk Granger won the match with an outstanding (and Nick Clark Memorial Match record) 102 lbs 13oz, beating the legend that is John Allerton on peg 22 who weighed in 86 lbs 12oz.

61 lbs + was needed for 6th. place, so as usual, bank info that no-one was catching was dodgy at best.

Back to the excellent Lindholme clubhouse for the results, raffle and auctions, and the anglers generosity knows no bounds, as raffle tickets were sold feverishly, and auction bids all went really well.

Mal Laurie outbid everyone with a 200.00 bid for the day with John Allerton, and I would like to offer both of them my thanks for their generosity.

I would also like to thank the following sponsors (in alphabetical order) for donating fantastic prizes for the day :

Active Workwear (Leeds)
Barwick Electrical
BigKat Gym (Harrogate)
Browning Tackle (Paul McBrinn)
Diawa Tackle
Dynamite Baits
Grahame Stowe Bateson Solicitors
Hillbilly Floats
IPC Fixings (Leeds)
John Allerton
Leeds Building Society
MB Floats
Moores Bakers
Nick Gilbert Floats
Sampsons Caf (Nelson)
Stephensons Investigations Ltd
Tacklefinder Fishing Tackle (Barnsley)
Wrootrob Hooklengths (Lindholme)

And to all the individuals who donated items and cash.

Most of all, I would like to thank the anglers who took part, and raised a terrific amount on sponsorship, and to all those who helped in the planning and on the day we couldnt do this without you.

Current expectations are that the 2014 event will raise in the region of 5500.00 including gift aid, which will take our 3 year running total to around 17.7k.


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pole addict

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Oct 20, 2009
Thanks for another great day Steve.
Although it's nice to catch a few, I think the day is more about the occasion.

Excellent company, excellent organisation and an excellent result for The Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

My own day was a "game of 2 halves John".
2 fish in the 1st 3 hours left me and my next peg buddy for the day, "juzzy" contemplating an early exit to the bar lol.

However the 2nd half resulted in several more fish including a nice edge dweller of around 8 lb for a total of around 29 lb summat.
Juzzy hooked a fish literally on the final whistle and landed it for a 31 lb total....the jammy git haha.

Well at least we didn't get "Texed", as the lindholme legend Texpert didn't bother weighing his no doubt bulging nets.
The subsequent shiny pound went on more raffle tickets and again, I won naff all lol.

The night time saw a good mix of beer and food and a late retirement to the lodge for more beer with ecky and len wade and we crawled into bed (not together) at 2am.

To Steak, bagger j , all their family and close friends.....It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all again and thanks for another invite to what is an incredibly humbling experience when you consider the effort, time and money that people put into this day so the likes of myself can raise a bit of sponsorship and have such an enjoyable day. All might I add in aid of a very worthy cause.

Roll on next year as it's definately one of the highlights on my fishing calendar.

All the best to you all.



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Mar 8, 2010
Thank for another great match.
And a days fishing ( was not expecting that with most pegs in! )

I WON A HAIR CUT................. A HAIR CUT...............


21/03/06 - 05/12/15
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Mar 21, 2006
Well done to all who helped and to those who partisipated and l hope you raised some cash to.



Jul 7, 2014
I would just like to thank you and your family for all the effort you put in and hard work Steve ( steak)
Nice to catch up with some old friends and make new ones
May see some of you for fund raiser like you say steve all about the day


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Aug 8, 2001
A brilliant day out Steve, Alex and all involved [:T]

It's a pity I couldn't have stayed over this weekend but hey ho always another time

My tactics paid off to catch Carp unlike others who bagged the Barbel (not true barbel mind as the water wasn't flowing [:p]), but it was almost a pleasure being battered off the next peg by Kirk, overall winner, as he certainly worked hard for it - Team Bobco [;)]

Great day out, great result [:T]

The codfather

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Jan 22, 2007
Cheers Steve, great day out and a great result for the Yorkshire cancer charity. Cheers Dave. I had a great day choosing to fish maggot long as i saw the peg was about 17m wide. Didn't fancy shipping back to put a pellet on every few minutes! I fed about 5 pints of maggots with a big pole pot, catching 3 or 4 fish of each pot with about half my weight of barbel, and half f1 and carp. The fish were really quite line shy as I smashed a .12 rig and replaced with a .14, bites really dropped off so after half an hour retuned to the .12 rig and a 16 hook with 3 maggots. Finished the first half with 40lb maximum and had a good second half of the match ending up with 103lb to my surprise. Thought I had about 80lb. Was really pleased to win as cancer charities are important to me having lost my dad when I was 21. I think he was looking down on me. Thanks again all. Cheers


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Dec 28, 2006
Well done kirk for winning it, well done Steve for organising it. Same time next year!


Mar 5, 2012
Well done to Steak and all involved, sounds like a great day[:T]
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