Nice Thames Trotting Roach Bag


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Mar 10, 2019
Well after a day off yesterday I was back on the Thames on the sandford old channel again and I managed to get the same swim that I had the great roach bag from on Wednesday. On arrival conditions were the same as on Wednesday being warm, dry, calm and overcast but by the time of the first cast it was very bright and soon got borderline hot with the odd bit of wind. Whilst that made it very pleasant on the bank it did mean repeating Wednesdays great roach bag was unlikely and that proved to be the case but it still ended up being a very decent session.

As usual I started on maggot about 8 and had a dozen bleak quickly before switching to hemp at about 8.30 and I fished it until packing up at about 2.30. In addition to a couple more bleak I had 42 good roach, 5 decent dace and 4 small silver bream for probably about 13-14lb so a pretty respectable total given the conditions. On the most part they certainly weren’t feeding too far off the bottom unlike on Wednesday there took a bit more catching so I was pretty pleased with the end result.

As usual all fish were caught on the 13ft drennan acolyte ultra float rod paired with the drennan 7 series float reel loaded with 3lb maxima to a 1.5g drennan loaded crystal insert to a size 18 to 2.5lb drennan silver fish hook to nylon. This was set up to trip the bottom in about 5ft of water. Most the bleak fell to a single red maggot with all other fish to single grain of hemp and loose feed was just hemp. Once again the fish came off two lines one about 1/4 and 1/3 of the way across.

My grandad was with me again and rather than wasting half the session on the feeder like he did on Wednesday he had the sense to fish the float from the start this time. He had about 30 roach and about 20 other fish made up of a pretty even mix of dace, silver bream, bleak and chublets plus one just about proper chub of probably a bit over a pound.

All in all whilst it wasn’t a comfortably 50 plus roach bag like on Wednesday or last Monday I still had a decent enough number of them to keep me busy so it was another very enjoyable session. I consider over 50 roach to be the benchmark for a great session but consider 40 plus a good session so it was certainly a good one today. I’ll take the weekend off then be back out the bank most days next week as it looks pretty good weather throughout.

Standard pics of the swim and a bunch of roach to show the stamp/size range and admittedly not the best pic of Grandad’s just about proper chub.