Nice surprise


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May 9, 2008
Off to a small local town yesterday, for a troll around a couple of antique shops. In a little back street we stumbled across a Brit owned tea shop/Cafe, called the Chateau de Gateaux (Love that name :giggle: )
Had to go in to see what like and a quick perusal of the menu, What's this? All day full English breakfast?? :D So, full English x 3 and a pot of Youkshire tea with bread and local salted butter. Life is good.
Life gets better.
What is to follow ?
STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING AND CUSTARD :D :D :D Oops, did I shout just then?
Apparently, all I did at the time was whimper quietly.
I've bought a season ticket :LOL: (y)