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Aug 8, 2001
Hi everyone,

I'm going through a boatload of emails that have been backing up in my inbox and found this from the Countryside Aliance:

Angling guru stays 'out in the cold' to support hunting

Charles Jardine, Director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling,
will be spending the night at the Countryside Alliance's vigil on Parliament
Square next Wednesday, 14th August.

The vigil has been manned on a round the clock basis since May 15th and has
had a different hunt in attendance each day. This will be the first time
that the vigil has not been manned by a hunt.

Charles is doing this to protect angling. He says "Even leaving aside the
political threat to hunting, angling and shooting are now clearly next on
the list for the antis and also for many politicians. I will do everything
in my power to protect my own sport, and the hunting community has already
been immensely supportive. We must show a united front and do all we can to
ensure the continuance of country sports, not just for ourselves, but for
future generations. I will be spending the night out in the cold for country
sports, tying flies and making my point in the best way I can. I will also
be marching for the countryside in next month's Liberty & Livelihood March
in London on 22nd September, and would urge all anglers who love their sport
to join us. I am confident that if we continue to make our point and leave
Parliament in no doubt about the strength of our feelings, we will all still
be enjoying the beauty of Britain's waterways and countryside long into the

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