Newland Hall, Moat Lake

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Mar 6, 2007
Hi Boys and Girls.
I'm after some advise regarding Newland Hall Fishery, Moat Lake.
Basically what tactics/bait would you use in a match?
Having a small club match in a couple of weeks and it would be nice to go with a bit of insider info!
Ta in advance

dave the fish

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Mar 10, 2003
If they allow floating baits then thats the way to go.

I use 2ft of 6lb line to a 12 hook with 6mm floating soft pellet. I have some old floating soft pellet for the hook which Ive had for years as Ive been unable to find a suitable alternative in the past few years. The pellet needs to float on its own with the weight of the hook as its much more effective than holding a semifloater on the surface.

Keep the line tight to your pole and just wait for the elastic to rip out. Black Hydro is by far the best as its soft enough for them to hook themselves, too tight an elastic and they wont take properly.

For feed I use Ringers 4mm expanders DRY. Feed 20 or 30 and ship out make sure you keep the line off the water, When you hook one land it as quickly as you can and before unhooking it feed again. This is because they will spook away but by the time you have unhooked and rebaited they will be back waiting for your bait. You should end up with them with their mouths out of the water sucking for all they are worth.

Best pegs for it are on the first bank pegs 1 to 11the further along the better as thses are sheltered from the normal wind. pegs 28 to 30 are also good. No need to go far out start at 6/7 metres and then bring them in to 4 metres. You have to weigh in after 3 hours and you will find that the second session will be much better than the first.

I have won my last 3 club matches on this method with weights of 198lb, 224lb and 231lb.

Your only problems will be if its too windy and your on the far side.
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