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Jul 2, 2010
Hi all

I am looking at getting into course fishing and was wondering if anyone could help me on which equipment to get to get me started.

I will primarily be fishing commercial waters with the odd go on a river. Should I go for a carp rod, match rod or a feeder rod?

Brands that I have looked at are TF gear and Fladen (Maxximus range) as these are around the budget I am looking at.

Many thanks


Nov 6, 2008
hi, welcome to the nuthouse[;)] too much gear out there and an opinion on what to get from everyone that will differ each time we are asked this question as we find new and better stuff ourselves[:T]

best advice i can give is don't get too much to start with but do get something taylored to what you want to fish for. on that note i'll recommend what i have to my nephew who has started. MAP carptec 11' pellet combo, which has both float and feeder tops, and, a shakespear mach 3 reel. both seem good value and can handle most things in a commercial fishery

tones of good stuff out there but even more cr4p so check it out before you buy, lost count of the waste of money stuff i have had over the years, if i had somewhere like this to sound out the stuff i would be a richer man [;)]
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