New Rovex John Wilson 11'/13' Avon Quiver Problems

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Dec 30, 2008
Just thought I'd let you know, before you end up dissapointed....

I just recived a New Rovex John Wilson 11'/13' Avon Quiver. This rod is advetised on numerous websites, is labelled on the rod bag and on the butt section at 11'/13'....

After receiving the rod it became quite clear that there is no way that this rod can be set up at 13'. The old model (which I have) has a split butt and a 2' extension piece. This rod new rod does not.

Feeling more than a bit miffed - I rang Masterline and was told that there was a manufacturing error (the rod and rod bag are both printed as being 11'/13') but this is a printing error, as the rod cannot be fished at 13'.

This is hugely dissapointing to me, and I'm sure many of those of you who have had the older version of this rod may wish to take update it.

Personnaly I think Masterline will have shot themselves in the foot with this one, not only with the cock-up of printing and advertising a rod at 11'/13' but also droping the old format from the range and in my opinion significantly reducing the utility of the rod.


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Sep 18, 2001
Send it back as not being fit for purpose, as it is obviously not as described.
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