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Dec 4, 2001
Hi all can you help me need some line info for these 4 rods.i know they are not ideal for the jobs i want them to do but due to severe last minute financial constraint's. i bought the shimanos as 2 peice rods to enable me set them up at home because of problems with my hands after car accident 5 yrs but things have improved vastly i feel i can now set up on bank &was going to keep them &buy new stuff when i was ready. but thats changed now so i'll have to use i'll set them up at home 1st.

1)Shimano Technium Specialist 12ft 2 peice using Avon top joint 1.6 tc max line 8lbs i'm going to use this for a heavy waggler need reccomendation.s on line for waggler fishing on commercials.this rod will take fine hook lengths .

2) Shimano Technium Specialist 12ft 2 peice quiver tip top joint. to us as a light feeder for commercials&rivers max line is 8lbs

3)Shimano Antares Specialist 12ft 2 peice this is progressive rod that is well capapable of bully ing fish out snag's or when power is needed 1.6 TC i'm going to use it as a heavy feeder max line rating is 8lbs .

Also need advice want to put some braid on the spare spool to fish for bream
what rating do i need & what rod do i put it on the light feeder or heavy.

The reels i'm using on the Shimano rods will be Shimano Aero 6010 bait runners so spools are interchangeable.
also some line for rod below.

4)Daiwa Concept match 15 ft which i'm going to use as a light waggler on commercials & river 's.

Need new line on the reel's i'm using on them line is rotten.

Cheers Larry

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