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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Match ten of the season already and our third trip to Brafferton Fishery – on Spring Lake today. This was the joint match we hold every year with Guisborough AC – they don’t currently have many members interested in match fishing so they were only four strong – however there were 18 of us so it was a reasonably sized field. I scooted around prior to the draw and positioned two dozen pegs along the 36 we had reserved, ensuring that everyone had either a blank peg to one side or the other or an island to chuck at.


I pulled out peg 46 at the car-park end of the lake – I had Acko to my left on plum peg 47 – 48 is actually the end peg but it’s so close to the dense reed beds that the carp inhabit that’s it almost impossible to extricate them so when I peg it I always leave it out. I anticipated getting a bit of neck ache, watching Acko catching ‘cos when you put a decent angler on a decent peg there’s usually only one outcome. He won the corresponding match last year from the end peg on the opposite bank.


It was a nice enough day, broken cloud, pleasantly warm in the morning sunshine although there was an annoying breeze that was putting a decent ripple on the water in front of me. Didn’t take long to set up, I’ve fished this area of this lake previously so knew where I was going to fish – main line would be 2+2 / 2+3 (a distance I can usually comfortably loosefeed by hand with 4mm pellets) and either margin, plus a mugging rig and the pellet waggler.

At the start I had a look in either margin with half a dendrobaena on the hook – usually a pretty instant bait. With nothing other than a tiny over ambitious perch showing any interest I cupped corn and pellets in both sides and shipped out to 2+3. Just flicking pellets at the float soon brought a response from small silvers (roach & ide) but they were too small to do a decent weight of and switching to corn saw a couple of small F1s in the net. Rotating through various baits (corn, meat, worm and soft pellets) was the best way to keep bites coming but they were really poor, just dipping the float a fraction or holding it up when caught on the drop. I was probably getting two fish to every one Acko was catching but mine averaged about 12oz and his about 8lb. 😲



I tried the margin down to my left – it looked fishy, a nice line of reeds and some overhanging vegetation but other than a couple of micro-perch never had a fish from it – Acko tried the same margin from his side and also caught nowt.

Annual Cup - Brafferton 014.JPG

As the match wore on my F1s seemed to vanish and I started getting a few ‘proper’ carp – they weren’t very big but at least I didn’t miss as many bites off them, although one or two were foul-hooked – one hooked in the anal fin gave me a right run around.



I had a wander around to see what else was getting caught and lots on my bank were claiming ‘about 20lb’. It was less on the opposite bank who were no longer in the shade and were topping up their tans whilst watching large carp cruising back and forth.



There hadn’t been a lot of opportunity for mugging on our bank due to the shade from the trees although there was one or two fish sitting tight to the island. I could flick the pellet waggler across to them easily enough but barring a couple of indications from smaller fish ragging at the bait I never got a proper bite off anything.


With an hour or so to go I threw two big handfuls of corn forcefully into my right hand margin – mimicking the actions of an angler wrapping in for the day – following by a couple of balls of groundbait and some 8mm pellets – basically anything that would make a noise. With the tail end of a dendrobaena on the hook nothing initially happened until the float bobbed a couple of times and then slowly slid away sideways. A firm strike saw a bemused little perch emerge from the water at a great rate of knots. Next put in I got an almost identical bite so didn’t strike quite so hard but this time found myself attached a decent mirror of three or four pounds which was soon in the net. I was still getting indications on the float so knew there was something there and I then spotted a tail waving at me. Less than a minute later I got a proper bite and found myself attached to something that was heading for Acko at a great rate of knots – which wouldn’t have been a problem except he was playing a carp at the time too - Zipp Hybrid 14-16 stretches a long way. Five minutes after hooking it I spotted the fish for the first time – a big ghostie – pushing 10lb and possibly the same one that I’d spotted cruising around the island earlier. I landed it and shouted time immediately afterwards.

We knew Acko had won it but not by how much – his two nets totalled 86lb 10oz – a record weight by a club member.

Image00005.jpg Image00004.jpg

Second from right round the other side of the lake was Jeff with 44lb dead – also mainly margin and short pole fish.

Image00015.jpg Image00014.jpg

Third was George on peg 43 with 42lb 7oz – the highlight of his catch being the best perch of the season to date at 2lb exactly – the highlight of his day however was undoubtedly managing to fall in:p

Image00011.jpg Image00010.jpg

Fourth spot went to Rob Wood (peg 10) who had 35lb 7oz – 18lb of which were silvers

Image00028.jpg Image00027.jpg

I got fifth (just) with 34lb 3oz – that big ghostie making all the difference.


Sixth and an ounce behind me was Tony Little on peg 34 – he caught on the pellet waggler out towards the island.


Seventh went to Steve R on peg 41 with 33lb 6oz


Eighth on peg 37 was Jim with 30lb 15oz and the biggest fish of the season – a lovely common of 13lb 4oz

Image00017.jpg Image00016.jpg
Ninth spot went to Matty on adjacent peg 38 who also had a big carp of 9lb 12oz

Image00022.jpg Image00021.jpg

Tenth was Tink from peg 13 with 19lb 10oz

And also a special mention for Juliet who hooked a double figure carp and discovered it wouldn’t fit in her landing net, She obtained a replacement one and finally landed a fish of 10lb 5oz shortly after I called time


Full results and remainder of those who weighed in below



Annual Cup - Brafferton 048.JPG

Annual Cup - Brafferton 056.JPG

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Image00012.jpg Image00013.jpg


Annual Cup - Brafferton 075.JPG

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Next match we're back at the same venue on September 19th, followed by a trip to Lockwood Beck on October 3rd