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Aug 3, 2007
16 fished at Ridgeway. 17th August 2014.

1st Justin Ogbourne 237lb 9ozs white peg 17. Pole with meat in the margins.
2nd Alan Smith 200lb 7ozs white peg 16. .
3rd Vince Shipp 179lb white peg 5.
4th Wayne Parker 170lb 01ozs blue peg 17.

Section: Paul Dressler 167lb 10ozs white peg 14.
Section: Paul Ogbourne 164lb 04ozs blue peg 10.

Great weights today at Ridgeway. Well over a 1000lb caught.
That was my best ever match weight, catching 35 carp and 3 Tench and a few silvers.

I caught early on with pellet then paste at 8mtrs.
Then in the left hand margin at 5mtrs with paste.
I had 15 carp for 60lb at the first weigh-in.
The second weigh-in I had 19 carp for just over 100lb at the end of the match.
The carp were better weights on resuming after the first weigh-in.