Never had it so good.

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Sep 18, 2001
Hi all,
Just been reading through a few posts and it got me thinking (a rare event i know) thinking.gif

Is it that some of us are getting old and cynical,and wishing for the "Good Old Days"?

Good quality tackle has never been so affordable.Access to high quality fisheries is ludicrously cheap when compared with the cost of something like a round of golf.
Information on species/methods is freely available to all via magazines,weeklies and websites like this one.

Everyone says that the rivers are in decline,and yet river report after river report tells of some great fishing to be had.

Sure the match scene has moved away from rivers to commercial pools,but is that really such a bad thing?
50+ anglers can now park their cars in relative safety,have a good days fishing without a mile walk with all their kit to and from some distant pegs,leaving the rivers free to those of us that like to rove from swim to swim (a much more productive approach IMHO)

In my last post on Where you fished today,i find myself bemoaning the fact that i'd had a bad day,yet i still caught over 20lbs of fish.(shame on me
That would have been a great weight in a club match 15-20 years ago!

And i can't even imagine being able to organise a Fish-in that was attended by anglers from all over the country at such short notice as some of ours have been,in times past.

Methinks perhaps we moan too much.

Your thoughts please folks................


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True Peter, very true, one thing you forgot to mention tho,????? the fisheries with,,,,,,, cafe's and toilets,feeling peckish, nip to the cafe need to spend a penny
no problem.

Good thread IMHO Peter,

i'm going to bait up


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Nov 4, 2001
As to the rivers well the Severn has a problem and seems to be getting worse each year. Last week a match was won with 5lb of bits and 1lb 6oz came second. This from a stretch containing good Barbel,chub and bream. Since the season opened I have heard no good reports from around the Shrewsbury area (bodes well for the fish in). I'm hoping the last rain will refresh the river and as autumn develops the fishing improves.

chill out go fishing


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Apr 12, 2002
Peter, spot on mate, its no good moaning we've got more choice now for what ever type of coarse fishing we fancy, and a tin of meat or pellets and corn dont take as much looking after as 6pints of maggots,

but its just human nature to moan!



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Jul 24, 2002
i agree, we who pursue the art of maggot drowning have never had it so good. we are spoilt with the choice of so many fisheries offering the chance of a great days fishing, excellent facilities and safe car parking. there's always something to moan about though lol.


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Oct 5, 2001
Spot on.

20 years ago, the Trent was alive with matches and large nets of small fish were the order of the day.

That has now ceased, mainly due to the Power Stations bering stopped from discharging warm water, but the stamp of fish now being caught has improved dramatically.

Who would have forecast a 44lb Carp being caught from it, as recently happened?

Also, for the more sedentary, non-roving river angler such as myself, the lack of pressure is great.

I rarely find my fishing thwarted by match plans and can often have a full stretch of river to myself.

If I feel the need to chase carp, there are that many new lakes/ponds, more opening up and available, that again a long journey is seldom necessary.

I have since restarting fishing some 12 months ago, broken my PB's for most species, caught 6 or 7 new ones and look forward to continuing in this vein.
Watch out, Perch, Chub, Bream and Tench lol,



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