Need some advice from the builders on power tools.


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Feb 17, 2011
Been mentioned a few times that black and decker and Dewalt are the same company. I believe that is the case but the company's are very different in what they produce. Black and decker is more geared towards do it your self market. In contrast DeWalt is an industrial product. Difference between chalk and cheese. A black and decker would not last on site or in industrial work shop 5 minutes. Like a lot of stuff you get what you pay for with power tools. If you want a drill and your going to give it some heavy use expect to pay a few Bob.


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Apr 23, 2008
Get one of these and put a screwdriver bit in it ??


Worked with a proper old school spread about 20 year ago, christ he could swear for england, every other word was blue

he used to mix with a hand paddle in a tub, then his mrs bought him one those for his birthday, he brought it in to the job and was gobbing off that it was the best thing since sliced bread and he shoulda got one much before

he buggered off to the shop and the fella I was with, got the mixer drill and slipped the gearbox catch into nuetral,

jimmy came back, touched up and polished what hed done before snap then started another mix, bloody hell you shoulda heard him, went on a tirade of cursing and swearing because it wouldnt work, and ended up chucking it across the job, and went out to his van and got his paddle,

afore he got back, the fella picked it up and clipped it into gear, ten mins later jimmys cursing like hell and spreading the muck again, when the bloke picks up the mixer and says look jim it works as he pressed the button,

more cursing proper blue air, and jimmys sets up another tub ready to use the mixer, slips the twister into the muck and gives it full blast

wait you aint heard the funny bit, the shaft got bent when he chucked it, and the mix shot all over jimmy and the room, he proper blew up then !

I had to go outside I was laughing so much