Nearly a well worked plan

Me and my lad

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Dec 30, 2017
At 6.15 I went to the village pond again. This time I planned to feed 3mm halibut pellet and fish an 8mm carp pellet over the top. I plumbed to fish a float length over depth and targeted bream, ide and tench. Fed, went over the top with the rig, and the float buried. A plump crucian graced the net. Next cast a tiny tench and then a roach bream hybrid. Fed and had a run of 3 tench, one of about 2lb the others 8oz. I then lost a big fish. Bugger! Fed and the float buried again and elastic streamed out, a little carp of about 12 oz. I put 30 in about 18 months ago at 3 inch each and they disappeared. Really happy to catch one. The rest of the time I hit one in 4 bites and picked fish off steadily, a decent bream and a bright red goldfish. This is another fish that hadn't been seen in a year. At 7.45 my lad appeared to help me pack up. 10 tench and a variety of other species including a decent roach and a game plan nearly complete...apart from the ide. I feel blessed to have such an oasis on my doorstep.


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